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2 November
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Having grown up on TV, there is probably little in terms of movies/shows I haven't seen. All the buddy shows from the 80s? The sitcom years of the 90s? Live through 'em. And even though I have grown more into a Waldorf/Stadler-esque cynic as a watcher, there is still me soft nostalgic side coming out every now and again.

First real online fandom was Buffy/Angel. Then came Supernatural and later Merlin.

One has passed with the show, the other two kinda passed during. I still flove Jensen Ackles (way back from his fetus self on Dark Angel) and Misha Collins is crazily adorable and occassionally when the writers don't suck completely, the characters those two gents play do it for me but SPN the show? Over it.

And since the fandom is wanky as shit, my one rule in here? Don't bash Jensen/Dean.

I dig slash as well as RPS and have written my fair share as well. Currently, my muse is taking an extended leave of absence, though.

This LJ will be probably 99,9999 % Fandom since my personal life is boring as hell. There might be the occassional work rant but that will probably be it.

Please feel free to friend and defriend at will. I`m notoriously bad at checking my user profile so if you want me to friend you back just leave a comment on one of my posts. If you`re friending to be updated on ficcie, that's quite fine as well. In that case I might not friend you back until you holler and indicate you want me to. :)