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Get McKay. he`ll fix it.

Just watched the Pilot episode of Invasion . Didn`t think much of it. I spent more time trying to figure who the hell these people were in relation to each other. And plotwise not much happened.
Does this get any better?

Also watched the first two episode of SG: 1 Season 9. Liked it, even though I kinda felt like watching Farscape at times. But so far I liked the new cast members and their characters. Will have to see how they develop.

Was kinda surprised Ben Browder got top billing right from the start. Wow, I mean Michael Shanks (and at first I wrote Daniel Shanks *headdesk* ) shouldn`t care, he got the "And..." end credit which to my best knowledge is as good as top billing but Tapping and Judge must have pretty crappy agents.

The new bad guys, the Ori, seem intriguing.
And ONCE AGAIN, humans go and make everything worse. That cracks me up. The Goa`uld forgot about us, lets remind them we`re there. The Wraith didn`t know about us, lets wake them all up (making things go to hell in the pegasus galaxy) and give the the memo about humans. The Ori probably don`t know how things are in our galaxy? Well, we`ll show them. Hee. We do it every single time.

Also are the Ori kind of evil Ancients? The Alterans that stayed home so to speak? If so they were damn smart, because the actual Ancients weren`t exactl lucky charms. A plague on earth drove them to Pegasus where they managed to create the Wraith and get pummeled within an inch of their life by them and had to go back to Plague Central.
Or did those who didn`t ascend go back and became the Ori? If so, I can unterstand their embitterment. *g*

And if they turn out to be evil Ancients, hey, unleash the Wraith against them and see how they fare technology-wise.

Or better yet, get McKay. Because he can fix ANYTHING. In the time of one episode. I smell a Super-Crossover in the making. :)