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Whining - table for one.

So, this is the first of probably more annyoing updates on my harlequin-fic writing progress. Incidently I remembered now why I haven`t finished "Consequences". Writing is hard WORK. :-p

I think I`m doing okay quantity-wise since I`ve managed a bit over 1.000 words so far. Which is at least the necessary requirement for the challenge. What that amounts to in quality I have no idea since the backdrop of an AU is the need to establish some exposition early on and the writing just feels so dull and stilted. "Oh look this is character A, his backstory is bla bla bla. And there is character B, he has a backstory too..." I`ve rewritten a few things to make it more lively and pushed a couple "revelations" backwards in the story. Hopefully that helps.

Sometimes I also have a perfect expression handy in German but can`t translate it into something witty and smart in English. Grumpf.

Will see how it goes along. I know one thing thoug,h this thing will need a beta before it ever sees the light of the internets. I`m pretty certain I`ve bend a few grammatical and interpunction rules so far. Spell-check doesn`t really help with those.
Also apparently I have an unholy love for some writing devices that I have seen more experienced writers caution about. Like epiphets. And overburdened sentences. Le Sigh.