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21 down - 1 to go

Very late reaction to All Hell breaks loose Part I since I now have watched the ending ad infinitum - what I`m not completely wihout feelings. :-p

Okay, the episode itself wasn`t bad but it doesn`t stand on its own anyway. It was pretty much exposition par excellence. And since for like a good long Season the whole arc stood still and we got diddly info it felt oddly rushed to finally be handed everything on an info sheet. Sam falls asleep and the Demon comes and conveniently explains everything. Neat.

Also because of the structure the revelations itself didn`t or rather couldn`t get much of an emotional reaction. Mary knew the Demon? That`s HUGE for Sam but he hardly had time to contemplate it or heck, even give a reaction shot because the fucking scene was over and we needed to deal with the next thing.
The individual parts weren`t bad in any way but the pacing managed to be both slow and rushed. Honestly? This episode stands and falls with the second part.

I liked Andy this time around but frankly I`m glad to never see a Psy-Kid again. This storyline sounded interesting once upon a time but it just never went there.

Liked the conclusion of Ava`s storyline too. Now her sudden disappearance, her ripped-apart finacé made sense and it was somewhat chilling how the good, vivacious person we had seen in "Hunted" had been turned into a killer to survive.

Lily was pretty much a cipher and Jake, cough, again with the antagonists being man of colour. I don`t think they mean to be racist in any way or form, don`t get me wrong, but it starts to become a pattern.

Sam was pretty much the leader by default and he handled himself well. I don`t see it as a big revelation that he admitted to not believing things would turn out okay or Dean would save him. He hasn`t believed that all Season. Or really he didn`t believe Dean`s reassurances back in "Nightmare". I think Sam had decided for himself long ago that things were pretty much going to, pardon the pun, hell.

Oh, and please don`t fucking tell me that Sam not braining Jake was the big "will he or won`t he be evil" moment. Come the fuck on. I never doubted for a millisecond Sam wouldn`t do it. There was ZERO suspense there. It`s not in his character and nothing this Season has pointed to it being in his character. That would be like worrying that Lassie will not rescue the wounded squirrel this time. Yeah, right.

Dean didn`t have much to do apart from frantically looking for Sam but it didn`t bother me so much. He should have known the fucking bell though. Come on, it`s his job. He should Legendary Haunted Towns.

The Roadhouse, well, it was again pretty anticlimatic. Come. See it burned. Go.

Now the ending, I`d say nice fighting moves Sam. But stupid to leave the knife on the ground. And of course they did the old "the heroes or reunited and suddenly..." Oh boy, was there no way to stage this better? And Bobby, you probably won`t catch that young squirt on foot. How about using your gun to shoot him? :)

I loved both guys`acting here in the final moments. The music, the expressions - yes, it was very moving. BUT I hope they realize that they`ve thusly blown their ultimate thunder. In the second Season of the show.
Now we know Sam comes back. I do. You do. The germs on my TV do. And when he does death has lost its drama. Whenever someone is dying next time you`ll just think: whatever, they just do XY and all will be fine again.
I really wonder how they think they can create suspense back because for me? It`s gonna take one hell of a convincing.

And yes, I absolutely do NOT want Dean to make a deal. Dean has always, always been the guy who was willing to do anything for his family. To an unhealthy degree. And this Season he finally started some necessary developments, being angry at John, drawing a line on where family doesn`t hold weight against fricking everything else, how deals with demons are wrong and selfish. Should all that have been for naught and he is the same guy he`s always been? Only this time made feel even worse, because he is a hypocrite who now had no right to be angry at John anymore and should in fact feel ashamed about it. About pretty much the first genuine healthy reaction I saw from him. Le Sigh.

I`ve also read spec that Dean might inadvertently unleash hell on earth. Please god, on. That would make him the ultimate stupid screw-up and everyone they met in the future could legitimately spit in his face. And no, that`s not me being cold but imagine being the rest of the world who has just gone to shit because one guy couldn`t deal with his personal sob story. Then tell me you would actually ask about his motives and not want him to fucking drop dead. Honestly.
Really, the character doesn`t need that. To be humbled further. He has the freaking lowest self-worth I know already.

And if there are not severe consequences - and no, ANGST isn`t a consequence - it makes cheating death ludicrously easy. IF Dean makes a deal he SHOULD suffer the full brunt of consequences. No ands, ifs or buts about it. And especially no whining afterwards. Yeah, Crossroads-people I`m looking at you.
Evan Hudson did a selfish deal with a DEMON and I would have been TOTALLY okay with him going to hell for it. Sorry, no slack from me.
John gets my respect because he went and paid the fuck up on the spot.

So, what could work?
Yellow Eyes bringing Sam back because he`s his favorite.
Dean tricking either a or THE demon to bring Sam back and not actually making a deal.
A deal-Demon approaching Dean because they can`t stand Yellow Eyes. And them working together.
John making another deal.
Dean dealing NOT with his soul/life but something else.

Also, if Sam sings "you ripped me out of heeeaven" I`m gonna choke a bitch. I liked the musical but SPN should do its own storyline.
I also wouldn`t like it if being brought back made Sam evil because again it pretty much absolves him of every consequence and I`m sick of this cop-out in storytelling. Dirty your characters up, go for it.

So one more day to go and I`ll see if they assassinated my pretty characters in ways that defy the laws of the universe. *wibble*


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May. 17th, 2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
*applause*applause* Absolutely! I agree. :)
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