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Methos - Is that you???

Finally got around to watching some of my Highlander-the show DVDs that had been gathering dust on the shelves up until now.

And the things are PACKED. Audio and video commentaries. Interviews and behind the scenes stuff on EVERY single episode. Plus bonus DVDs with bloopers, conventions etc. Why can`t all DVDs be like this. SPN, please take note.

But OMG, I just saw the extended version of my beloved "Comes a horseman/Revelation 6:8" two-parter. Featuring what has to be the most horrific flashbacks in the history of the show.
I had read about this scene with Methos burying Kronos alive and was greatly looking forward to it, but this was the most WTF-scene I`ve ever seen. Not to mention the horrible wig they put on Peter Wingfield. Which was only topped by the monstrosity Kronos was sporting in the first flashback.
They were the freaking Horseman of the Apokalypse but looking like this, their vicitims probably died laughing instead of out of terror.

Am deeply disappointed now. Le Sigh.