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Man, my uncle came earlier today to work on the house and I had to put off viewing until now. I was DYING, people. Now onto "What is and what should never be".

Oh Dean.

First off, I`m so glad and happy that all that wasn`t a true alternate universe but created from Dean`s subconscience. Way back when the sides came out my biggest fear had been Dean depicted as a loser-ish disappointment who needed his hard life to beat him into a good person. Thank GOD that didn`t come to pass. Now God, you know what else I`d wish for, don`t you? ;-)

So we once again got Dean-issues with a capital "I". He feels unworthy as son and brother so he casts himself as such in the normal world. The things he does in the hunting world - running cons, fraud etc. - get superimposed on suburbia life and out comes a guy who his family just believes to be a drunk, a cheat, a thief. Ouch.
And of course it leaves him with something to fix. Man, DEAN.

And his dreamworld isn`t driven by personal ambition which I don`t take to mean he just has nothing in him but as long as the people he loves are happy, he is happy. Mary lives, John at least went peacefully and Sam is happy and succesful. He didn`t make himself a bum or anything but the mechanic option is a bit boring as that is probably 95 % of fiction. There is nothing wrong with being a mechanic but who`s to say a true Alterna!Dean wouldn`t have grown up to be a geek, or heck embraced Hollyweird life or become the fireman of his little boy dreams.
Or maybe worked with his Dad and had taken over THAT family business. Even though Dean following in his father`s footsteps isn`t genetic so he might not.
I`m guessing it`s the sum of what Real!Dean can imagine for himself, apart from his hunting skills, he is a very good mechanic so that it is.

There is some fanon characterization of him as not all that bright and well, lacking potential for anything but hunting life. To have a career. Which I don`t feel is even true in our world, much less can you just make the assumption in a "what if".
I mean Sam here was in law school, engaged to Jess because that is all Dean`s mind had to work with. But who is to say if Sam grew up normally he wouldn`t have felt like studying anthropology? Or becoming a writer? I see him going to College either way but he seemed very Preppie-Career-guy here and heck, even if he did pick law, he might have slaved away as a PD. Not a corporate shark. This episode didn`t tell us that. This episode told us how Dean viewed everything.

And for his own life he created himself a caring, supportive woman - take that fanon that has Dean loving to be "put in his place" by the next sassy chick - of substance. A respectable nurse - none too shabby. So he sees some value in himself after all. It`s a glimmer, people. And let it be known that Dean prefers brunettes.

I knew the Dean-Mary stuff would break me and their "reunion" was hands down the best and most moving scene of the entire episode. How he felt like he was dreaming, feared it, wished it. Mary has been somewhat of an icon to him and seeing her again - heartbreaking. Samantha Smith and Jensen Ackles are awesome together.

Second most heartbreaking scene? When Dean realized him and Sam just aren`t close. Sam wasn`t mean about it or anything but he seemed resigned. To the fact they were just too different. When Dean countered it with "hunting" being the common denominator, that hurt.
Still Dream!Sam also came through for Dean in the end so there is some trust there in their brotherly bond.

I liked Alterna!Sam because I had expected him to be quite a superior-feeling tightass from the sides but thankfully they didn`t went that route. He had some legitimate beef with Alterna!Dean and seemed saddened they weren`t close.

Liked the ending with real!Sam too where Sam stated that Dean is a good person, brave for coming back and he is glad to have him back. Aww.

I really loved the graveyard scene because I didn`t see it as that big whining about hunting life. He was sorry his family had to suffer. And he did have a feeling of temptation, he admitted to it in the end. But he still pulled himself together and didn`t put his happiness over all these lifes they had saved.
That said I found the scenes with the ghosts trying to talk him into staying a bit cheesy, that was obviously more Djinn-orchestrated and in a nice roundabout way it harkened back to a couple of line that got cut from ImtoD how he is tired and wishes to rest but I felt it a bit overdone.

Oh, and no, I don`t believe Dean would feel truly happy in suburbia. He was there for two or three days, giddy to have Mary back but it`s still our Dean and I don`t believe he could settle down permamently in a world of lawn-mowing and garden gnomes. He`d get stir-crazy. The fact he said he wanted to stay doesn`t negate this at all. Take someone with a stressful job and offer them six months at home. They`ll gladly take it. Wait 2 months and they are crawling their walls. Such is the human animal.

Nitpicks: what was up with the orangification of Jess? And why has she such horrible hair?

I think I rambled long enough now. So let me just say that I enjoyed it greatly and that Jensen totally knocked it out of the park. And while Sam didn`t have as much focus Jared did some nice things with the character too. Obviously they couldn`t totally play against their usual chemistry. :-p

As for the promo, quite honestly at the moment it`s a question of "which spoiler version - if any - are true". I know what I don`t want to be true at least because if that happesn? Prepare for the bitchiest episode review this sides of the internets.


And you know what I had typed a teeny-tiny fan rant here but I realized just typing it out helped get some aggravation over the last weeks from my chest. So to not harsh anyone`s squee I deleted it again but leave this little paragraph in memoriam to me not getting into the mud to sling. HA. *g*

Also ratings have been okay-ish. We had another Very!Special!Grey`s Anatomy last night and a Special!The Office. Sigh. So we dipped but held above 3 Million (3,16). Yay. And Smallville dropped like a thousand pound weight (3,55) which gave us a stellar retention rate. Still, this show pulled 5 Million this Season. Holy crap.


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May. 5th, 2007 05:55 am (UTC)
I had a feeling you'd actually like this episode. Me rule :-)
May. 5th, 2007 12:01 pm (UTC)
See, I can be agreeable. :-p
May. 5th, 2007 12:13 pm (UTC)
Miracles do happen :-)
May. 5th, 2007 06:27 am (UTC)
Aw..no mudslinging? It would have been fun.

This was a really good episode. No matter what anyone thinks I love to be proven wrong when it comes to episodes I'm worried about.:) Just more often than not, unfortunately, I'm not pleasantly surprised. This was one of those times I was. And I agree, I don't think this means Dean's just dying for a white picket fence. His mother, MOTHER, was a live, making him sandwiches, Dean would have been happy cleaning the toilet. :)

Poor Dean, he really is screwed up. But he's got it where it counts. :)
May. 5th, 2007 12:15 pm (UTC)
Aw..no mudslinging? It would have been fun.

A big point of my rant was some people not being able to let things go and simply ignore fannish leanings they didn`t agree with. So after typing that I thought about taking my own advice. :)

This was a really good episode. No matter what anyone thinks I love to be proven wrong when it comes to episodes I'm worried about.:)

Me too. It`s not like I want to be miserable but concerning certain spoilers now I just can`t help it. And there is just no reason I would like it. Execution can only save so much. If the general idea sucks, it sucks. :/

Poor Dean, he really is screwed up. But he's got it where it counts. :)

So true. I`ve read some comments along the lines of that being somewhat of a lout IS a side of Dean and umh, really? Because he said "yeah, that sounds like me"?
He did the same thing in Buabs and I for one have never seen the drinking/smoking and throwing stuff at gas attendant binges that would have refered to.

Granted I TOTALLY believe he would bang OTHER guy`s prom dates on prom night. Or swipe other`s ATM cards if money was so tight. But family crazy, quasi-parental Dean doing it to Sam? Highly doubtful.

I really don`t see why or how he is a dick in the real world. He can be tactless and flashy? Come on, quiet people can be just as much of a dick.
The criminal activities are part of their lifestyle to support themselves. If he had grown up normally and everything was a true AU why on earth would that even be an issue.

Nurture over nature people. Big time. Anytime. I just feel there is just a lot seen inherent in Dean`s personality that I don`t. There ARE genes that determine the personality but even then, take someone who is predisposed to be temperate and put them in heinous life circumstancies. They can become violent just as much.
( 5 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )