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Unanswered Questions

So, after watching "Devil`s Trap" and stopping saying OMG and squeeing like crazy (which will follow in another post *g*), I found that the Season left me with a few, hell make that a LOT of unanswered question about the mytharc.

So, if anybody has any theories or ideas how certain things could play out, I`d be interested to hear them.

1.What is the Celine Demon`s plan for Sam and the other children? And are they special by nature or does he imbue them with powers?

I`m guessing it`s the former. So maybe the CD wants to create an army/needs powerful vessels that can be taken over by his own children?
Also, it doesn`t seem to have much of a problem with killing them (DemonDean looked about ready to pummel poor Sam to death) or letting them die (Max), so they can`t be too special or valuable to it.

2. Did ANY of these children have siblings or are the Winchesters, especially Dean, an anomaly here? And if so, why?

Let`s say the "powers" come from Mary`s bloodline, does Dean either not have any or did the Demon somehow miss him? Was it maybe in hibernation at that time?
Or is this his "first wave", so to speak? Did he start with a couple of children back when Sam was a baby and is now back to "harvest" them or has he done this kind of thing before over time? If so, is this maybe tied into something bigger and more apocalypsy? (Yeah, I probably watched too much Buffy/Angel back in the day. *g*)

3. And what`s it MO anyway?

Was the Demon interrupted by Mary and Max`s mothers? And if so, are there other children with whom he finished doing whatever he was there for unnoticed? Say Meg or Tom?
What the hell IS he doing with them?
And what about that belly slicing and fire thing anyway? He sets the mothers aflame right above the babies heads. So what if nobody rescues the poor things in time? It`s not like they can walk off by themselves. Seems somewhat stupid to me if you have plans for them. Or are they really like a dime a dozen?

4. How were Mary and Jess "in the way"?

I think the pilot showed the Demon trying to deflect Mary from coming into the nursery. It certainly didn`t lure her or anything. So I`m guessing, "in the way" means physically in the way at an inopportune moment.
Because if we`re talking potential emotional influence here, how about fathers, uncles, aunts, grandparents (or siblings)? Why not kill the whole family then?

Jess is still somewhat of an anomaly here. Let`s say the demon didn`t like Sam and Jess getting too close, i.e. impending marriage plans, why did it strike at that precise moment, timed exactly with Dean dragging Sam into the hunting life again, however brief.
That seems like a pretty big coincidence.

Surely it wasn`t a warning for Sam a la: "Don`t start hunting again."
Because THAT? So the wrong way to go. Not even Daddy Winchester would have been so wrong in handling Sam. And if nothing else the Demon seemed to have a pretty good understanding of what made the boys tick, not to mention being pretty informed about at least Sam`s life.

So, could it be a clever strategism, making it SEEM like it was somehow Dean`s fault, in the hope of planting the seeds of doubt and anger in Sam`s mind?

Which, still, is somewhat problematic, because NOW Dean is (again?) a key figure in Sam`s life. He holds considerable sway over his little brother, as evidenced in the Finale.
But in the Pilot? Sam while not directly hostile to Dean, didn`t give much indication that he missed him terribly or something. He seemed to have moved on and away from Dean pretty good.
So, preemptive strike or something? If the CD planned to kill Jess anyway (and by the timeline Dad gave us, with the signs appearing in Palo Alto a week before it happened, which would place it BEFORE Dean showing up, it looked like a done deal), Sam shouldn`t have another support figure?

Or was it just to screw with Sam`s head some more? Let him have his slice of heaven for a while, only to take it cruelly away at the last moment? Because if the Demon`s intention is to break these kids, then Max would have been SO ripe for the taking. Hm.
Its whole shtick seems a lot like a crazy ass social experiment: kill the mothers and see what happens to the child.

I really hope Kripke and the writing staff have at least the major outlines of this thought out and are not making stuff up as they go.
There`s nothing I hate more than a huge exciting build-up with no resolution. Yes, Lost, I`m looking at you.

Also right now I`m not entirely sure if I want to see the Celine Demon arc resolved in the near future or have it drawn out longer.
On one hand, I don`t wanna see out boys stuck in that scenarion forever. Neither Sam nor Dean can REALLY move forward with that thing still on the loose. On the other hand, I don`t wanna see the writers try to one-up each other every season with a new, even bigger and more dangerous Big Bad than before.
It reminds me of Buffy again with the "Hey, what`s better than a God?" "Hm, three Nerds whom we`re gonna use for comic relief first" 6. Season.
I do NOT wanna see the Hellhounds as Dean`s and Sam`s archnemeseses. *g*