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Final verdict. :)

Okay, finally saw Hunted. So onto the review:

Yup, this review will be nitpicky again. :) Just picture me liking all the things I don`t mention. In the end I didn`t hate the episode but I didn`t think it came well together and had some eyebrow-raise-worthy character stuff. Found it so-so. Better than No Exit but more like lower average. Look more forward to the Haunted House next week.

Oh, and it pains me to say this but both JP and JA have at times not really brought their A-Game to the ep. JA gave all kinds of weird reaction shots and JP`s forehead acting was back. Please knock that off, guys.

Yes I will say it again: the YED is a damn slacker. Only four mothers burned? S.L.A.C.K.E.R. :)

I babbled about the stupid non-secret already and my mind hasn`t changed about it. It was a letdown on all fronts. "Punked" comes to mind. Where was Ashton Kutcher and the cameras? *g* But I`ll deal and move on.
I thought the reveal scene was well-acted. It`s not the boys fault that it was lame. Of course Dean pleas for time didn`t make sense. Time for what? You knew shit before. John told you shit. You know shit now. There is nothing you could think ABOUT. Stalemate, dude.

Sam`s reaction was believable although they could have played up or played at all the "Woah, Dad gave a kill-order on me" angle a bit. Wouldn`t THAT actually be a mind-bender. It was actually a thing where we could have gone into Sam`s psyche some more but even though Sam did plotty things, we didn`t.
The sneaking off on his own to get answers was just a way to split them up IMO. The only reason for it would be anger because he can look for answers with or without Dean.

Liked the guy in the teaser. You know with him - and knowing him for 2 minutes - you actually COULD worry that he would turn evil or at least lose it. Sam? You gotta be kidding me. Sam has spent the last 9 episodes as Mother Theresa. His poor, pure little soul wibbled at even the thought of littering. I worry about him going killer-bonkers as much as I would worry about Ghandi.

Otoh we spent the last nine episodes with Dean as Jack Bauer on crack. Yet still he is supposed to keep Sam from going evil? Mr. First Person Shooter? Bwahahaha. Good one, show.
Last Season I would have bought this but this one? No way.

The thing with Ava at the end actually makes it seem as if YED just lightswitches these people to evil. (Unless she was just taken. In which case, leave a note, YED. It`s only polite. :) And a big, fat fuck you to free will and personal consequences with this.
Come on Dean, get an orb of Thesulah and resoul Sam. Simple as pie.

Regarding Ava, I liked her. She was normal, a bit quirky and not shoved in my face. Her and Sam worked well together though I wouldn`t necessarily see them as love interests. Not really against it either but heck, they just met. They had this strangers in weirdo situation vibe. She can come back.

Gordon? Gordon did have a point in his own screwed-up logic. And HE at least divulged some actual information about the Demon. Unless other people who shall remain nameless here. *cough* *g* And I don`t care if you flame me here but Sterling K.Brown did the most consistent good acting in the episode. There, I said it.
I liked how he was consistent from Bloodlust. And he was still trying to bring Dean round to his POV. For someone like Gordon NOT killing your family when you have the vague idea that hey, they might become evil IS a weakness. But really Gordon, saying Dean is not the man John was, isn`t exactly an insult here.

Sam was competent on all accounts here which sadly meant Dean was not. Sigh.
Quite frankly though Sam should have killed Gordon because once more he is too moral and saintly to do so after ample provocation. He didn`t even look conflicted. Not one bit. Why the heck am I supposed to be worried about him going evil again? Calling moral ambiguity, would moral ambiguity please report to Sam Winchester. Thank you.

Now Dean. Dean was somewhat painful to watch because did he do one useful thing in this episode? Hm, you might say he saved Sam from Sniper!Gordon. But then with the freaking monologuing while he should have simply knocked Gordon out. He got taken out like an idiot for his trouble. Okay, "Austin Powers" is dreck but that is one useful thing to learn from the film.
Ironically, Gordon did the same thing later with Sam. How stupid are you people? And you wanna be hunters. *headdesk*
If Dean really is supposed to protect and support Sam - which as a singular purpose, doesn`t fill me with glee - but if it is, he better gets it together because right now your ass is deadweight, dude.

He also seemed to wise-crack at Gordon just for the hell of it. Come on, you expect your brother to work into a death-trap and you don`t even TRY an escape? Anything? Get a grip man. Soon. Please.

So, the "hunting is crap, we don`t get recognition wah wah" line. I would have blown a FUSE if I had bought a word of that. If the tone had been different, like angry or dead or something other than bull-shitty. It was the same tone as "Lets go to Vegas".
Dean obviously has made Sam top priority right now and he seems to think not working hunting jobs at any cost is a good idea to keep Sam from whatever. And keep him away from the over-zealous hunters too. So he makes prissy suggestions in a prissy tone. To get Sam onboard with him. PRISSY.
Him resenting the word and implication of "destiny" - yeah, that makes sense. And it only furthered my reading on this scene because of the implications with Sam`s "destiny".

Yes I don`t believe Dean meant one word that came out of his mouth there about hunting. Because if so his 16 year old self from his recollections in "Bloodlust" might travel through time and shoot HIM with a crossbow.

Funny thing is Sam otoh has taken Dean-pills. He now thinks he ran away from his destiny instead of making his own decision to go to school. He also feels his destiny is to be a hunter and he is in it 1000 %. Hear that sound? That is actually Season 1 Sam Winchester who just dropped dead from shock and disbelief.
As a character development that`s a bit much, guys. I mean I get him not quitting right now but if he is just worried about the coming storm, the reasonable thing to do would be to focus on research and the YED. When did Sam decide to actually become Dean? When did he decide all the stuff he said? Because that is kinda huge, it`s a 180 for the character and he didn`t feel this way in ELAC even. Or Cspwdt where he wasn`t all jumping "possible job, possible job" either.

I could live with the Roadhouse here. So Jo is hunting alone, successfully? Uh uh. But far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth. :-P
Ellen talked to them like an adult which instantly gave her points.
Who is the Roadhouse mole then? Can`t say I care all that much either way.

Yup, that was Hunted. Over and out.

Incidently ratings were a mixed bag, up from last time but rentention wasn`t so good.


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Jan. 12th, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)
Just picture me liking all the things I don`t mention.

Uhm, I don't think there was anything you didn't mention.

Just watched it with my brother again, he thought it rocked, too. But then we also watched Croatan and thought it rocked *shrug* :-)
Jan. 12th, 2007 11:29 pm (UTC)
Ich meckere, also bin ich. :) Honestly if I wouldn`t do that, you`d know I have been kidnapped and replaced with a pod person. In that case please send help.

And I just read an episode review that made me laugh. It said that gagged Dean looked like an incredibly hot chipmunk. Awww, so cute. *pinches his little chipmunk cheeks*
Jan. 13th, 2007 07:36 am (UTC)
Ja ja ich weiß schon - du beißt nicht, du willst bloß spielen :-)

Dean, der Chipmunk? Oh Gott. Ich musste bei der TJ Hooker Anspielung so lachen - das habe ich als Kind geliebt. Und immer drauf gewartet, dass Romano irgendwas passiert. Ich war schon immer angst-süchtig :-)
Jan. 15th, 2007 10:44 pm (UTC)
Now see I don't think Dean got knocked out over the talking. Because he was punching Gordon the whole time he was talking, that's not monologuing. He got knocked out as a plot device, which is even worse because now suddenly he's got a glass jaw. One hit with a butt of a gun and he's out? The guy who gets thrown into walls and barely flinches? Na ah. :)
Jan. 15th, 2007 10:57 pm (UTC)
The whole Hulk-thing was annoying. And yeah, stupid plot device. I didn`t mind Gordon getting Dean somehow but wasn`t there a better way to make that happen. Where Gordon had the moment of surprise for example. It`s no shame in losing a fight but losing it like this?

At those times I always picture Indiana Jones and the sword-swinging guy where Indy coldly pulls out his gun and shoots him. Awesome.
So Dean could have just as easily come onto the roof and shoot Gordon in the arm or leg. It`s just stupid to have character a) legitimately hold all the cards - Gordon didn`t see or hear him coming and Dean could have easily whaled him unconcscious - and then we get the bait and switch where character b suddenly gains the upper hand.

And the police solution at the end? Where Gordon came out of the house shooting a couple of rounds at them? Just for a second and because I felt like being really bitchy I thought: wouldn`t it be cool if Gordon shot them right now and THEN the police swoops in.
Next cut: heaven where Dean smacks Sam on the head with an annoyed "you got it, huh?" *g*
( 5 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )