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Drat, I wanted to start doing these spn_fridayfive questions-thingie on the weekend but I forgot. What the heck, here it is.

1. What's the quality you admire the most about your favourite guest star?

Hm, first I have to commit to a favorite guest star. Okay, quiet inner strength of Layla. Playfullness of Hailey. :-P

2. Of the characters we've met, who do you think acts the most like a mother figure (other than Mary) towards the boys?

Bobby. Rude abrasiveness makes for shitty any-figures, mother or otherwise, so I won`t nominate anyone else.

3. How do you think the lack of a permanent female presence in their lives has affected the brothers?

Dean took on a more nurturing role in the family which he might otherwise not have. Other than that I don`t think they`re in any way more oedipal, sexually or otherwise broken than other men. Men who do grow up with mothers flirt and enjoy themselves too. :) And Sam seemed to be able to carry on a long-term relationship quite well, apart from hiding himself.

4. Do you believe the different lighting cast on characters in this show is of any significance at all? And if so, what do you believe it's an indication of?

Sometimes it`s anvils, look at Dean drenched in blood and half in shadows while the light hits Sam to get the theme across, a la "Bloodlust". I`ll expect some anvillious lighting choices on Sam once the big retared secret is out.
Honestly as far as subtlety in imagery goes this ain`t Whedonverse.

Oh, and I had the same problem with both Dean`s (supposed) love interests. One shot Cassie looks beautiful, the next like Dean dated a guy in drag. One shot Jo has a cute face, the next I`m nice to use the word plain. Megalyn Eschiwhatever at least looks gorgeous all the time on 4400. Still can`t act but that`s another issue. So this is a specific SPN-problem. Lighting? What? And what would it mean?

5. Recommend one or two fanfics in this fandom that you've really enjoyed. (Please include which pairings if applicable.)

I really loved anne_higgins "What remains". It`s Dean/Not really Sam yet still Sam to some degree :-p
Bawled over Em`s "Under a haystack" which is Gen, Sam and Little Dean


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Jan. 8th, 2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
I never have time to do these on Fridays! *g* I always end up posting them days late or not at all. hehe I'll be back to read later, hopefully! *g* I always like to answer first before reading all the other answers. I think this week's questions look hard, though. heh
Jan. 24th, 2007 07:25 am (UTC)
Hee! I was just reading this and going to post this same thing (that I didn't have time to do these on Fridays) until I saw I'd already commented and said the same thing.

You have some great answers. I especially loved your answer to #2.
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