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New year - new luck

Welcome everybody to 2007 which probably won`t be all that different from 2006. Other than my job contract will end beginning of March. It was a hellish environment and they have a turnabout rate for new workers like nobody I know but still, money? *wibbles* Well, I`m sure I will go onto bigger and better things. *cough cough*

Had nice Holidays. Celebrated Christmas with my Mom at home. Went to church with my Catholic friends again which is always funny because the whole mess is "Standing up for singing/praying"-"Sitting down for preaching"-UP-Down-UP-Down... Works off those nasty calories. :)

Traditionally celebrated New Year`s with a couple of friends by talking, eating and watching TV - Stargate marathon. :) Was supposed to spend it with my best friend in Bonn first but pretty last minute she got sick, came home and we partied at my place.

Did find out why "Revelations" sucks btw. The pacing is so slow, you only wish the world would end already. Oh and if they ever wanted to make a sequel of "Spaceballs", Bill Pullman while not having aged horribly, would need a genius make-up artist.

Saw a little "what`s coming" blip in my new TV-Guide and they said: "One Tree Hill and Supernatural for the teen-crowd". Grrr. Told me everything.

Oh, and did everybody see, we got an incest wank for our little show. I...I didn`t think someone would still bother after nearly two years but there you have it.

And Asylum is sold out apparently. Gave the link to some friends. No idea if they still got tickets. Hm.


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Jan. 2nd, 2007 03:12 pm (UTC)
Last time I checkedonly certain tickets were sold out...hm. ;-)

"Standing up for singing/praying"-"Sitting down for preaching"-UP-Down-UP-Down...

Yeah... you haven't seen "Sleepers" by any chance? :-p

Jan. 2nd, 2007 03:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah... you haven't seen "Sleepers" by any chance? :-p

Funny you mention it, I stumbled upon it a few times over the last weeks. But I can hardly watch it, the scenes in the juvie prison are so gruesome. In that I`m a great big softie. :)
Jan. 2nd, 2007 03:23 pm (UTC)
Oh well, your comment there just remembered on that prank the boys play on the poor nuns :-)

I can hardly watch the scenes in that prison, I usually fast forward them. But it's a great, great film that I love to bits :-)

(And it has Brad Renfro in it. Whom I really fancied)
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