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Recent Shiban-discussions made me read through my old X-Files ep-guides for what he wrote because I can only really remember Morgan/Wong, Darrin Morgan and Vince Gilligan-eps. And whatever happened to them. You want to be scary SPN? Try the guys that gave us Nightmare-Tooms.

And damn I knew two of his episodes were really old X-Files (I`m lenient on the shapeshifter thing because every Mystery show does this and this one didn`t appear to women as Luke Skywalker to impregnate them :) and X-Files had a shitload of ep themselves but I`m starting to feel like in that one South Park-ep where Butters came up with one diabolical plan after another - only to be told that the Simpsons had already done it. "War of the Corpophages" dealt with Bugs, the "Pusher" was a non-brainer and back around "Wendigo" it all felt so homey and familiar.

But anyway, what can we possibly look forward to from Shiban?

Did leave out the co-written ones. Man, he co-wrote a lot with Vinnie Gilligan like "Monday". Now I know why I liked it.

"The Walk" - crippled veteran kills in spirit - Okay we haven`t had that yet.
"Teso Dos Bichos" - a haunted urn causes havoc - I guess we will get our fair share of more haunted objects.
"El Mundo Gira" - El Chupacabra. Andalé. Olé. - Please god no.
"Elegy" - a death omen appears to people - *cough* *cough*
"Travellers" - flashback to the McCarthy-Era - I don`t think so unless our boys found the well of eternal youth.
"The Pine Bluff Variant" - Mulder goes Alias - I`d pay good money to see Dean trying to go undercover as a vampire ;-)
"S.R. 819" - infectious nanobots - Don`t. even.
"Badlaa" - a midget killer - If Sam does to him what Buffy did to the Fear demon I`d laugh.

And of course there are all the other 200 odd episodes. :)

Aaand I have my old tape with "Bad Blood". Yay. I love, love, love this ep.