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Meta on Ellen

Hm, detailed ep-review will follow later but I have to get something off my chest now. It`s about a certain female character on the show... named Ellen. Got you there, didn`t I?" This is NOT a frothing hate-rant, at least I honestly never intended it to be and I welcome opinions from fans of her just as much but right now I`m honest to god feeling very, very sad for my brothers.

Personally I rather dislike than like the character of Ellen. I feel that the role of "maternal figure" is something that has to be given or earned and can`t be demanded or just taken up because someone feels entitled to. And I never really was much for the character of "tough broad" but YMMV.
The actress is capable, moreso than Alona Tal IMO who doesn`t seem to spark with me.

And it`s not about if she had valid points last week - which I think she had in parts - or this week - where I found her behaviour to be humanly understandable but also irrational. At the end of the day HER ADULT daughter is not Dean`s or Sam`s responsibility. Yes, lying to her was somewhat stupid but if she has general beef about the life and its dangers which she chose to stay and raise her kid in btw, she has to take that up with Jo. Period. They don`t owe her. Anything. Jo is 21, she makes her own - however ill-advised decisions - and she should own up to them.

BUT leaving all that aside reading some responses to her character I truly feel like Dean and Sam - our primary heroes whom we have followed through hell and back in 25 episodes - were just stepping stones until her awesomeness arrived. And people would now happily watch her pwn the boys every episode and be her general "awesome" self. Or watch episodes with just her in it.
I get that some comments are meant jokingly but do people truly think that if Meg had marched in there in Season 1 she would NOT have slit Ellen`s throat if she so desired? Or that Max Miller couldn`t have TKed a bullet in her brain? Or Webber or even Anson could not have worked their mojo on her?

For example, I do agree with someone saying that in Dean`s car Dean can damn well say if he wants music on or not. But noes, Ellen would have so totally handed him his ass if he insisted.
Really, reading some comments it sounds like the earth trembles before her. And because she is so awesome and tough she doesn`t even get questioned, she is right and she gets her way.
And characters like that? Usually put me off.

Frankly? I get a new appreciation for Dad Winchester. The man could be an insufferable ass but at least the show acknowledged that there are always two sides to the story and that the tough old war veteran might not have a right to jerk the youngsters around at will.

Dean and Sam were, are and always will be my heroes in the show. They are the guys I care for primarely. They are the ones I wanna see fight and yes sometimes falter but also triumph. And I just don`t want a character where everybody says: "Well, they`re our little guys sure but Ellen could take them both, hands tied in the back because she so owns them."
I feel like my brothers deserve better than that. And I really want to see a scene somewhere in the future where THEY or somebody else gets to call HER on her shit.

Maybe I`m being to sensitive on the issue here, seeing as I fret over fan-reactions but hm, that`s just how I feel so LJ once again has to become my shrink`s couch. :)
And yes I know we`ll get a, what I feel is a deserved break from the roadhouse, but I feel like Dean and Sam have been abadoned for the shiny new toy which is some much bigger and better and will always be bigger and better than everything in this verse. And I don`t like that feeling. *cuddles the boys*

For me Dean&Sam will always, always PWN ALL. Ellen who?


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Nov. 3rd, 2006 07:51 pm (UTC)
I was really annoyed by Ellen at the end of the episode, and considering I've been one of her biggest fans from the start, I figure that if I'm annoyed, there's definitely a problem. I sympathized with her fear for Jo and her anger at being lied to, but the way she dumped the blame for John's vaguely defined past fuck-up on Dean was way OTT and came across as histrionic and mean-spirited to me. That "once a Winchester, always a Winchester" line really rubbed me the wrong way. It came across as a variation of "I know you boys are trash because your Daddy was," which is a little rich coming from someone running a redneck bar in Bumblefuck, Nebraska.

Dean had admitted what he'd done wrong and taken responsibility for it. He didn't deserve this sudden extra load of condemnation over something he's totally blameless for. Especially since we all know he's going to tear himself up about it, and at this point, giving Dean something else to tear himself up about feels a lot like kicking a puppy.
Nov. 3rd, 2006 08:11 pm (UTC)
Absolutely my feelings which is why all this: "whip them some more Ellen, you Rwak" posts really throw me for a loop. I hate characters who never get called on their bs. At least with Papa Winchester they never sugarcoated anything. They presented the good with the bad and let the chips fall as they may.
With Ellen I get this huge sense of personal entitlement which bugs.

Also it came very much out of left field after her "John was like family, let me kiss and cuddle you and won`t you move in" attitude earlier. I get that you`re angry (and btw, nice going Jo, letting Dean hang out to dry for your decision) but I got the feeling she knows a bit about Dean, at least his closeness to his father considering her comment in ELAC, so this was really cruel and vengeful here. And you just know Dean just takes on any guilt you throw his way, nice.
Also what`s with the Klingon attitude? The sins of the father are now visited upon the next 10 generation of children? Charming.
Hey, maybe you can really stick it to them and blab Sam`s secret to the other hunters. :(
Nov. 3rd, 2006 08:46 pm (UTC)
As usual Astri, I agree. :) (Okay we don't always agree but 90 percent of the time anyway:). I hate seeing Dean and Sam treated as subordinates in their own show. They shouldn't be subordinate to anyone, least of all Ellen. They don't need a commanding officer whipping them into shape.

They are grown men and god knows, next to Jo, it's painfully obvious just how "grown" Dean is. :) I so want to see Dean put Ellen in her bloody place, right before that damn roadhouse goes up in flames, who the hell does she think she is?!?! And why the should I care? Actually you know what I'd like, to see Bobby come and put her in her place. He's nice and mild-mannered but we know he's got a shotgun and ain't afraid to point it--he needs tell her off. I think it'll somehow mean more if someone else tells her to stop acting like the Winchester brother's big bad momma, they don't need one.

And yes, even I've been finding myself feeling defensive on Daddy Winchester. :)
Nov. 3rd, 2006 10:01 pm (UTC)
Actually you know what I'd like, to see Bobby come and put her in her place. He's nice and mild-mannered but we know he's got a shotgun and ain't afraid to point it--he needs tell her off. I think it'll somehow mean more if someone else tells her to stop acting like the Winchester brother's big bad momma, they don't need one.

I could go for that. Honestly, cram the entitlement woman. You haven`t done a particularly stellar job raising your kid, why the hell do you feel it in your right to meddle with other`s grown up kids? Hunters just take that attitude?

More than ever now I`m feeling wistful of Pastor Jim`s demise. Well, at least in Ridley`s "Brotherhood AU" he`s got a place of honor. *sniffle*

And yes, even I've been finding myself feeling defensive on Daddy Winchester. :)

Hee, me too. Which is strange since even in ImtoD I was like: "nice and you dump on Dean, AGAIN" but honestly Ellen gets some of the worst John character traits cubed and at least he got raked over the coals for it by lots of fans. Why the hell is Ellen "awesome" for it? Maybe her hubbie was a screw-up and John didn`t want to tarnish his memory?

Ironically just yesterday I talked with my best friend whom I converted into watching and she can`t stand the man. She even hated him right after "Shadow" and BEFORE "Something Wicked". Will wait and see how she likes the new Season.
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