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Lost has lost me

OMG, I heard talk about the suckiness of Lost`s Season 2, but since I`m easily pleased and can be very forgiving of shitty plotlines, I didn`t think I`d feel it as much.

Discussion of Lost as well as two little SPN thoughts (non spoilerish) behind the cut

Boy, was I wrong. I`ve seen a grand total of 5 episodes of the new season and I`m just so, so tired of the show.
In Season one I didn`t mind the flashbacks because we didn`t know these characters and it helped explain them.
Now though, they`re just randomly offputting scenes, inserted in the story for not good reason. And not only doesn`t anything interesting happen in the flashbacks, but on the island either.
In fact, a shitload of nothing happens, while I learn more about Michael not wanting to lose Walt, Locke being screwed over six ways to sunday and Jack the doctor of a thousand complexes. What`s next, will we find out, Kate is a convict on the run ? *head deak*

And then they have nervous breakdowns over whether or not to push a damn button which may or may not do anything. Please, I don`t think my heart can take the excitement.
It`s like Shakespeare: To push or not to push, that`s the question. *g*

Also I can`t bring myself to care about these characters anymore.
Locke used to intrigue me - now he puts me to sleep.
I loved Hurley. Angsty Hurley bores me to tears.
I only still care about Sawyer and possibly Sayid and that`s got more to do with the fact that looking at them makes me happy. Le Sigh.

I think, Lost may be like 24 for me. I liked the first seasons, but then it gets too formulaic. It`s like an endless loop and while certain variables might change, you pretty much know what`s gonna happen in general.

Jack Bauer will have a shitty day, trying to save people, searching for the bad guys, fighting with his superiors, get beaten and tortured, torture some people in return, get swept up in politics, do some risky gung-ho stuff and his daughter is being put in dangerous situations. Now try to tell me which season that applies to.

Same with Lost. We have a lot of flashbacks, nothing much happens on the island except for some fighting amongst our Lostaways, some "romance" and new exciting "mysteries" are being discovered without ever giving answers to ANYTHING.

And to once more beat a dead horse senseless *g*, one poster on the TWOP Boards remarked she wasn`t bothered by Dean being shown as not that bright, because he actually isn`t.
Argh, I guess that`s why it bothers me when I see these "stupid" moments. That there are people out there who actually believe higher education/always hitting the books/generally being more nerdy in contrast to, well, not doing these things is a way to measure intelligence.

For me intelligence is still defined as an ability to quickly grasp complex concepts/patterns and solve them accordingly. Being able to think on your feet, you could say, which in the hunting line of work, I`d consider a fundamental survival trait.
So if Dean was really dumb (like say the Hellhounds), he`d be dead a hundred times over. Jeeze.

In essence I found a person who I`d consider to be not that bright. And it ain`t Dean. *g*

In more amusing news, I read speculation about if being a set designer on SPN is the most coveted job in the industry, because they can totally let loose with the motel rooms.
Maybe they`re having a thing going on, every week trying to come up with an even more hideous room than before. *g*

However, I still think "Pillow Talk" (old Rock Hudson/Doris Day flick if you remember it) holds the record in this regard. If the SPN set designers ever come up with a room more horrible than the one in that movie, they get the prize. Not quite there yet. But keep trying.


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Apr. 19th, 2006 06:13 pm (UTC)
Heh, I read that Dean comment too. Quite how the person arrived at that conclusion I'll never know, I only really lurk in the fandom and other than my LJ and those of my flist I've no desire to discuss it anywhere. I hate it when fandoms lose their sense of humour and perspective and the signs are all there for this one. The two contentious issues being Dean being dumb and played down at the expense of Sam and of course the whole PapaJohn and how good a father he was.

Apr. 19th, 2006 07:26 pm (UTC)
While I love analyzing the characters of my favourite shows (in fact if I care enough TO analyze them, that kinda makes them my faves *g*) and discussing in general, some people take it too far. They`re still fictional characters and it`s still just a TV show.

I generally don`t understand fans fighting over characters, shipper-wars and so on. "Oh my god, you dare to disrespect my sacred ..." Good Lord, if I can only love a TV character if I see him as a perfect Mary Sue at all times, that`s sad. Give me a jerk with a real personality anytime. *shakes head*

Maybe that`s the problem of SPN, the lack of a Mary Sue that unites the fans in their hatred of them. *g* I mean, nobody wants them, but they seem to serve a valid purpose.
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