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Is "crimedy" a genre? Because it should be.

Bones Episode 3 and 4: Hm, strange, the characters continue to be confusing, the plots are weird but I really had a few hearty laughs here. Maybe I can enjoy this show as funny - regardless if its meant to be this way or not. Because generally I mocked the writing, munched on peanuts and had a good time watching today.

I think it`s a good role for David. He has good comedy timing, had it back on Angel and I don`t think his character is supposed to be that funny what with the former-sniper-angst - and heck did I giggle when he mentioned atoning for it - but he is.

Brennan seems to have left the "icy" phase behind her and moved on to confused trying. Which is funny too.

Okay, this whole flip-flopping is confusing, I mean he is supposed to be the nice social one yet he is terribly mean to the labrats and wants to eat alone while she kick-starts emo-conversations. At first I was terribly confused - then I shrugged it off.

IMO they DO have a chemistry or vibe between them - totally a-romantic though. Maybe very weird siblings, raised on different continents? I do enjoy it but I don`t feel a need to ship them. Yet again weirdly enough it wouldn`t upset me either to see them in bed together. They`re just so very confused together - it`s cute somehow. :)

Oh, and the big "reveal" to their cases? Cracks me up because it`s totally anticlimatic.
Like in ep 4 when they stumbled upon the ritual which included eating an arm, heart and someone brainy + someone brave. And I so totally thought, okay, the doctor (which I had pegged as the killer) will trap Brennan and Booth to fulfill his quota and it will be a big thing. Yet they figure it out, go to his lab and club him to unconciousness. Teeheehee.
And it wasn`t played as timing-related or anything the writers clearly put this totally obvious markers out there and...did nothing with it. Gotta say it`s so simplistic and Occam`s razer-like I giggled all through the final scenes - which this time I DID predict correctly.

And that`s a lot more than I can say for a lot of shows that are intended to be funny or such that do present me with laughable writing but they`re too painful to laugh about. So in that regard I guess kudos to Bones, you might not work as a crime-drama for me but you rock as "crimedy". :)



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Oct. 27th, 2006 07:33 am (UTC)
Heh? You are still watching? *G* I do that, too, sometimes. Take a totally out there and stupid show and just keep watching. And if.it.kills.me! I will see this through.
That's why every other week I've been watching another episode of CSI:Miami. I just find this show too interestingly horrible to not watch.

Are you coming next month by the way? :)
Oct. 27th, 2006 02:37 pm (UTC)
I`ve had it with CSI both Vegas and Miami (never started with N.Y.) - the characters never evolve even in the slightest and the plots keep repeatin themselves. Booooring.

With Bones yesterday, yeah, I was amused. DB just does comedy so well, even when it`s not really scripted. ;)

Are you coming next month by the way? :)

Baring any unforseen incidents, yes. I`ll just take it as an extended birthday-treat. :)
( 2 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )