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Oct. 19th, 2006

That director`s cut clip for episode 2.04? Dean`s anime eyes are out of control, they`re so huge, green and shiny. And he`s just so, so beautiful. *pets him*
Yup, another "Talk." Hee, Sammy is such a nag with trying to have the emo-talks. I think he has finally broken Dean because Dean didn`t look angry or sad so much as terrified that this will never, ever stop. *g*

Also my medicated brain concocted some weird dreams last night. It was a crossover SPN/Medium with Allison and Sam looking at each other and whispering "I see dead people" to each other in turn. :) And Dean and husband Joe the engineer totally bonded and geeked out over engineering stuff. I think they were designing a new space shuttle. *cough* Also the kids, whom I think right now are the only little TV kids I like, loved Dean and didn`t wanna let him go. Especially the chubby little middle child. She had build a pillow fort and was holding him "hostage" in there.

Yup, taking cough syrup, nose spray and pills is a good combination. ;)