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Reaction shots

Thanks to legoline I finally got to see the Paley Festival and the Still Life Pilot. Hopefully the days of dial-up will soon be behind me. *crosses fingers*

Paley: "Could he be any more gorgeous?" Honestly that was my first reaction to the Paley thing. Jensen looked drool- and cuddle-worthy to the extreme. *draws hearts around him* I thought the panel was funny and informative. Couple of nice questions were asked and none of them had to do with the licking of chocolate sauce, so yeah. And J2 is adorable like a thousand fluffy bunnies. *g*

Still Life: So I guess we know how Jensen as Sam would have played out. Complete with Emo!Hair. *g* Hearing him argue with the Dad about being the black sheep to his older brother`s "golden child" was surreal. :)
That said, the pacing was too slow, neither the story nor the characters were interesting, the heroically dead brother managed to be unsympathetic in his VO (no mean feat, the guy should have brownie points just for his tragic young death) and it was generally nothing to write home about. Other than I think Dean & Inara make a beautiful couple. Which makes weird sense in that I subscribe to the theory that Dean Winchester is a direct ancestor to Malcolm Reynolds. ;)