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John Winchester - I could just smack you

Before I go and spam all LJ-land with my steaming comments about John Winchester *g*, I suppose I should it get out of my system once and for all.

John deserves to be whacked with Missouri`s spoon. Repeatedly.

I can get behind him leaving his little children alone for a weekend to go on a hunt. It`s pretty bad, but the fact that he put the hunt before EVERYTHING else is nothing new.

I get him be upset at Dean in that moment with the sthriga, because obviously he was terrified for Sammy.

But what about later ? How could he not have taken Dean aside and made it clear to him that he didn`t blame him. I just can`t comprehend that.
And how do I know he never did ? Because grown-up Dean made it clear to all and sundry that he blames himself completely and totally gets his Dad looking at him differently.

So what if John didn`t mean it like Dean thought he did. He should have made that damn clear to the kid. He is the freaking parent. It`s his job and responsibility.

Yeah, yeah, I know, Dean is so hard on himself and he won`t listen to anyone excusing and fogiving him.
BUT why is that, I ask myself. It`s not an attitude you someday wake up with. Dean build up this belief over the years, because nobody ever told him not to. Nobody ever made it clear to him, it`s in fact normal that a little boy screws up now and then. And that he doesn`t deserve to be punished for every single bad thing that ever happens to Sam or pretty much everybody else. Seriously the poor guy has practically no sense of self-worth.
And I attribute that greatly to John. He got a good soldier and hunter out of the deal, but he crushed some part of his son in the process.
That`s why I believe Independent!Sam is a very good influence for Dean and can help him break out of that cycle. Because really Sam`s issues with the man are legitimate to some point. And he has the necessary emotional distance to clearly see his father`s flaws that Dean lacks at the moment.

Also I don`t like this notion that John sent them there to give Dean closure or something. What he needs to give Dean is a freaking apology.

Hell, he owes both his sons an apology.
I mean lets look on the list of impressive parenting choices by Dad Winchester:
Throwing one kid out of the house at 18 when he disagrees with you.

Abandoning the other kid who always did his best to do everything you asked and whose UTMOST fear is being abandoned.

Ignoring any and all tearful phone messages, especially the one how your eldest it about to kick the bucket.
BUT then coming running when you get the message that they have a clue about the CD.

I believe he loves his sons, he really does. And he certainly had it rough, raising them.
But of all the Winchester, he is the most selfish. It`s always about what he wants and thinks is best and his boys are supposed to just fall in line.

I almost wish Sam would give the man a good beating because god knows Dean never will.

And all this excuse about how he did his best. Well, that`s a sentiment to show sympathy and understanding (which I do), it`s not a freaking carte blanche or an absolution.
His best was piss-poor sometimes.
Not every time, granted, because then the brothers wouldn`t have turned out as well as they did.


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Apr. 8th, 2006 04:37 pm (UTC)
Yeah, well Missouri needs to be whacked with her own spoon, too. *G*

Okay, as I said in my comment to your comment I can't seem to be as hard on John as I probably should be. Though I do have to say big friggin' WORD! to your entry.

Exactly my thoughts. Especially about how he is the father and should have made sure Dean didn't blame himself.
Apr. 8th, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, well Missouri needs to be whacked with her own spoon, too. *G*

Oh my god, don`t get me started. I have this whole Missouri rant waiting to happen. What the hell was it with this "Amateur"-line, lady ?
If she comes back and she is all over Dean`s case for seemingly no reason and being all sweet and coddly to Baby Sam (god, the man is an adult), I will be really mad.
Apr. 8th, 2006 09:22 pm (UTC)
Heh, reckon our Missouri thoughts are going to be pretty much alike, LOL. Total word to your post though, agree with it 100% and totally baffled at so much of fandoms reaction to John. I expected a really negative opinion of him, the whole PapaJohnLove has thrown me a complete loop.
Apr. 8th, 2006 09:30 pm (UTC)
I expected a really negative opinion of him, the whole PapaJohnLove has thrown me a complete loop.

Me too. For some time now I heard people complaining how Sam`s issues with his Dad are trivialized by Dean always defending the man and stuff. And now they show us how he actually screwed-up and he gets a pass.
I`ve seen a lot of people mention and coming down pretty hard on Dean for his martyr complex etc. But those same won`t acknowledge that Dad played a big part in this and he is excused. Gah.
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