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SPN Fic: Consequences 3/4

Title: Consequences - Part III
Author: Astri
Disclaimer: Sadly the Supernatural universe and boys don`t belong to me. If they did, nobody would ever see them again. Ever. ;)
Ratings/Warning: Gen, PG-13
Characters: Sam, Dean, minor OC
Spoilers: allusions up to the Season 2 Finale
Total word count: 17.122
Summary: After a hunt gone wrong Sam is faced with a difficult decision which leaves Dean a changed man. How will the brothers cope with the aftermath? And will their enemies use the opportunity to strike?

AN: This is a future fic. Angstiness abounds.
As always much thanks to legoline for general support and to andromakhe001 for beta-duties.

To use a phrase coined in another discussion here: Shower me with undeserved praise. *g* Kidding, Concrit is always most welcome.

Part 1
Part 2

Consequences III: Revelations

Dean felt like his head was spinning. Ghosts. Paranormal nasties. Women burning on the ceiling. It had been bad enough when he thought of it just as nightmares, maybe even signs he was slowly losing it, with the amnesia and all. But now... now this all was supposed to be real. Not just real but his life.

To say he felt overwhelmed right now was the understatement of the century. And yet, he believed it, believed Sam. He just didn`t know what to do with it right now. The way his brother told it they were some kind of wandering... superheroes. Warriors in the fights against evil. And didn`t he feel silly to think of it in those terms.

Was that what he wanted, what made him happy? Did he ever want out? The place inside his mind that should have held all the answers remained blank, silent.

There were so many things he wanted to ask Sam because he figured the cat was out of the bag anyway. Might actually get a few real answers. The most important piece of information he had managed to wrestle from the younger man in the last few days had been his real name, Winchester. And even that had only brought on new questions for Dean.

But now this whole weirdness that had been his life since the moment he woke up in that hospital made sense. That is, as much as anything could make sense when you threw in things like ghosts and demons.

He opened his mouth to speak when he noticed the lights in the motel room starting to flicker madly. Muttering something into the phone, he leaned over to the bedside lamp, tapping it. Sam was calling for him with a panicked voice. Geez, the kid needed to unwind.

Great. Now the antique TV started to act up too. He told Sam to hold it while he went over to check it out. Sam`s voice managed to rise yet another octave when he was calling Dean`s name once more.

Dean was about to tell him to calm down when suddenly someone appeared in the room.

"Woahhhh," Dean let out a surprised yelp and jumped back. The man? thing? looked human enough, if it weren`t for the pitch black eyes and the way it moved. Seemingly floating across the floor.

Great, Dean thought. Not five minutes ago he had learned about those things and already one appeared inside his room. Say what you want about his life but boring wasn`t on the list.

The man-thing maliciously grinned at Dean before flicking its hand and just like that Dean was lifted by an invisible force and thrown into the little coffee table. He groaned as it collapsed under his weight and the phone dropped from his hands.

"Hello Dean," the thing, a bit belatedly, addressed him.

"Who are you? What are you?"

It smiled: "A demon."

"Demon," Dean echoed carefully. This was surreal. Here he was having a rather polite conversation with a real demon. He glanced surreptitiously at the door. The worried mother hen surely had heard the melee over the phone and was on his way over right now.

"Don`t worry. I`ve taken care that we have some... privacy," the thing said cheerfully.

Awesome, a telekinetic and mind-reading demon, Dean thought surly. Just what the doctor prescribed.

"And how did you do that?" Nice and easy. Buying time, that seemed like a sensible plan right now.

"I don`t want to get into the details right now but rest assured your meddlesome brother won`t get in here anytime soon. Short version, we`re in a... magical bubble."

"Magical bubble. Dude, you`re full of it." Screw nice and easy, just because he was an amnesiac thirty-something, cornered by a super-powered demon in a crappy motel room and very probably about to die a gruesome death in the next few minutes, didn`t mean he had to take this crap.

"I can see why you would have trouble believing me right now but I assure you, it`s true. If you were, uhm, more like yourself, you would know."

Dean swallowed. "Have we met?" Then a thought came to him. "Are you the bastard who killed my mother?"

The demon laughed humorlessly. "Me? No. And believe it or not most of my kind were not happy with the one responsible for this act."

"Collective demonic conscience?"

The demon laughed. "The stories are true. Dean Winchester will joke even in the face of the devil."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dean carefully got to his feet, keeping his eyes trained firmly on his opponent.

"You`ve made quite a name for yourself in our circles," the thing bowed in mock courtesy.

"So what, I`m the boogie man for all the little demons who won`t eat their demon-veggies?" Dean asked sarcastically. He was getting the hang of this talking to demons things.

The demon flicked its hand again and Dean was back on the floor.

Or not.

"A bit conceited, are we? No, you started out pretty little league. Poltergeist here. Shapeshifter there. Nothing to concern us. And even later we figured the problem would solve itself soon enough. Nearly did thanks to your self-sacrificial streak."

It looked sourly at Dean. "Your Winchester luck, though, has proven to be quite uncanny. Not to mention some of us being stupid enough to think your dynamic duo could be used to deal with their enemies for them and protecting you. So yes, you have become a... nuisance."

Dean was reluctant to bring up the fact that Sam apparently hunted these things right along with him.

The demon raised an eyebrow.

"Ah, your brother. Well, he is not without potential. Some of us are still holding out hope for him... ," it winked at Dean, "... but today I`m here about you."

"To kill me?"

"It`s complicated, Dean. You`ve become somewhat unique."

"I don`t follow you."

"You have no idea, do you? What dear little Sam did for you? Or shall I say to you?"

"Why don`t you enlighten me?"

"I could but, ah, it`s funnier this way and the joke`s on him anyway. He really should have researched his little spell a bit further."

The demon chuckled as if he was in on some cosmic joke. Which he probably was, Dean thought.

"Anyway the loss of your memories was an unexpected but not at all unwelcome side effect. When I visited you at the hospital I caught a nice view of your dreamscape. And I knew it would only be a matter of time before you reverted back to your old habits." It sighed. "Seems like even your subconsciousness won`t leave things well enough alone."

"So, back to me being unique," Dean prompted.

"To put it simply, you overdosed on magic."

"I what?"

"You were brought back to life with supernatural means, and not for the first time I might add. That isn`t exactly supposed to happen you know. It`s like an infusion with energy. Energy that has no business being in the human body." It snorted. "You`re probably more of a freak now than your brother ever will be."

Okay, that shut him up but good. He was supposed to be what now? A freak of nature? Due to something Sam had apparently done? And Sam himself was a freak? There was this swimming feeling in the head again.

"What... how... what`s gonna happen to me?" he forced out hoarsely.

"Hard to predict. As I said, rarely happens. And when it did it mostly ends in three ways: death, the development of some very interesting powers - followed by death or ..." It trailed off.

"Or what?"

"Some humans simply lost it and came over to our side. Became killers. Near demons themselves. Quite fun." It winked at the young man.

Did the horror show on his face? Dean absently wondered. Just a few hours ago he had been some average guy. Okay one who happened to have amnesia and couldn`t get within three feet of his own brother but still nothing special. And now he was a demon hunter who might or might not be on his way to become a demon himself. Or close enough to it at least.


Damnit. The curse brought him out of his revelry. He raised his eyes towards the demon, seeing the thing watching the door with a frown.

And yes, he could hear a faint voice calling his name from the outside. The voice got louder, more frantic.

"Seems like I underestimated your brother again." A sigh. "Well, we`ll just have to pick this one up later, Dean, won`t we? It was nice meeting you. If things go right, I could see you becoming a great asset." The thing winked at him one last time and was gone just like that.

Not even a second later the door flew open and Sam burst into the room. "Dean. Dean? Are you all right? Dean? What happened?"

Dean would only stare at him, like seeing him for the first time.


Sam had spent the last twenty minutes trying to get into his brothers room. He had noticed the magical barrier pretty much right away, had dashed back to his own room to grab a few supplies and the "bible" as the late John Winchester`s journal had been christened and hurried back.

It was probably sheer dumb luck that nobody had called the cops on the loon who was dousing a motel room door with holy water while reciting incantations in Latin and Aramaeic.

He carefully etched closer to his brother, watching his face for any sign of discomfort.

"Dean. What is it? What happened?"

"I had a nice chat with a demon." The reply sounded vaguely hysterical.

"A demon. What kind of... Did it do something to you? Did it hurt you?" Sam carefully patted down his brother for injuries.

He noticed Dean had begun shaking lightly and sweat appeared on his forehead. The close proximity to Sam seemed to take its toll already, if not as violently as it had in the hospital.

He was about to pull back when a surprisingly strong arm held him back. "No stay."

"Dean, no, you`ll get sick. I`ll hurt you."

Dean gave a noise that was neither laugh nor sob.

"Dean, what..."

"What did you do to me?" The words were growled more then they were spoken.

Sam swallowed audibly. "I don`t..."

The fingers gripped him tighter. "Don`t lie to me. It told ...it told me."

"You were dying, Dean. They wanted me to... I had to save you. I had to. If you knew, if you remembered, you`d understand." He looked at Dean imploringly.

"It told me I`m different now. It told me I`m a freak. A monster." Hazel eyes shone with a plea to deny this, reveal it for the lie it was.

"Dean... Dean, calm down. What did it say specifically?"

"Magic... the energy... it changed me. It`s gonna make me a killer. Like them." It was barely more than a whisper.

Sam eyes widened in horror. That was a lie. It was ridiculous. And yet he remembered the chill he had felt during the ritual, the look in the witch`s eyes when she had touched Dean`s amulet, the feeling of wrongness he just couldn`t shake. The tingling of his spider sense, as Dean called it.

He shook his head as if to ward off the truth. Why did this happen to him? To them? He had only meant to save Dean. Had been so alone, so terrified of the prospect of being alone forever.

"I didn`t mean to... I didn`t know I just couldn`t lose you. You`re all I have, Dean. All I have left."

Dean`s features softened at that. It was almost as if he recognized the sentiment, the words as his own from so long ago. And maybe a part of him did remember. He still exhaled in short bursts as a way to keep the pain in check.

"Dean, please, you`re in pain. You have to let go of me."

"No." It came out as a sob. "I don`t want to be... I don`t want to be alone... either," the older man managed to force out. Two wet trails were making their way down his face.

Sam felt his own tears on his lips, tasting their bittersweet saltiness. "Dean..."

"Stay... I... it gets better... if I concentrate... I can manage." His muscles trembled, sweat soaking his shirt but he stubbornly held on to Sam, his fingers digging into the younger man`s biceps. "Stay."

And Sam did. He welcomed the pain of Dean vise-like grip, put his head on his brother`s shoulder and cried.


Two hours later Dean sat settled in a far corner of the room while Sam was sitting on the bed. Drained.

Neither man had spoken or even moved for quite some time. Not since Sam had finished his tale of a family being sought out by evil, how it resulted in two brothers fighting back and finally a spell gone wrong. Dean had thrown in a question here and there but mostly he`d had just let Sam talk.

And then it had been Dean`s turn to talk, bringing his brother up to speed on the latest development in the weirdness that was their lifes.

"How do you feel?" Sam absently rubbed the spot on his arms where there were sure to be bruises tomorrow.

Dean shrugged. "Like I just heard a totally crazy story about somebody else."

"So... you still don`t... nothing?"


The taller man seemed to deflate at that. "I`m sorry... for not telling you sooner."

Dean shrugged. "Isn`t exactly the easiest thing to tell somebody."

"Yeah." Sam inhaled, gathering his courage. "And I`m sorry for... for what I did."

A sigh.

Sam braved on: "I understand if... if you needed some time right now. Like away from me."
Oh yes, Sam would understand that all too well. After all he had been there once too.

Another sigh. "Sam, this is a lot to take in, you gotta understand that. And I`d be lying if said I wasn`t angry right now. Or scared. But if what you told me is true... well... I kinda have a hard time claiming the highground here." He snorted and Sam gave a slight head-tilt in response.

Dean looked at him. "Guess that means we `re really close then." It wasn`t phrased as a question, not really.

Sam smiled: "We are."

Dean smiled too. "I had a feeling." Then he grew serious again. "From what you told me you got dealt some pretty shitty hands in life."

Sam inclined his head slightly. "We both were."

"Yeah, but I can understand you not wanting to do it alone."
"I don`t think I like being alone," he added.

"No, you don`t."

"I wish I could remember stuff. About me. Us."

"Well, the doctors said it could take some time."

Dean seemed to ponder this. "Way I see it, the problem is more magical than medical so shouldn`t that be right up our alley?"

"I`ve looked into it the last couple of days but so far nothing really has come up."

"Okay, so what`s the standard operating procedure?" Dean asked.


"Come on, can`t be the first time we hit a dead end. What do we usually do?"

Sam hesitated. "There are some... contacts we have. A couple of Dad`s old friends, some people we`ve saved. They help out."

"So, call them."

"Uhm... I... I kinda called them when you were hurt... so they`ll ..."

"They`ll wonder how I`m up and running and we need looking into a botched up healing spell all of a sudden." Dean finished his thought.

"Pretty much."

The shorter man shrugged. "You think they won`t help us with this?"

Sam rubbed the bridge of his nose tiredly. "I don`t know. People are not supposed to play around with this stuff. Especially in our line of work. We should know better."

"Then make something up."

"Like what?"

"I don`t know. Stay close to the truth. Our little demon friends see me as an experiment right now, don`t they?"

Sam nodded.

"So, pin it all on them. They did this to me as some sick twisted game. And now we`re on their case."

Sam snorted: "One hell of a case."

Dean sighed: "Yeah, you know I`m choosing our next one. I can tell you that."

Sam regarded him curiously: "So you really wanna do this?" He waved a hand, encompassing the shabby little motel room, the shotgun on the floor he had brought in with him earlier and the thick salt lines at every opening.

Dean looked uncomfortable. "It`s my life isn`t it? Even if I can`t remember it right now. And also there is this little problem of me turning into crazy superfreak or something, so..."

"Don`t," Sam said sharply. "You won`t turn into anything. And hell will freeze over before Dean Winchester works for the bad guys. Demons lie, I told you. And if you do develop some... abilities, we`ll deal with it. We`ve done it before."

"Yeah, no offense but your vision thing doesn`t seem to work that well if it didn`t warn us from stumbling into this mess."

Sam frowned. "That`s not how it works. I don`t get them every time something bad is about to happen."

"Well, if you ask me, you should give them back then. Crappy customer service."

Sam didn`t rise to the bait. "You`re scared about what`s gonna happen to you. I get that. I was there too. Sometimes I`m still there. But... ," and here he smiled, "... I had an awesome if extremely annoying older brother who helped me through it."

"Yeah, so how does that help me? All I have is your geeky ass."

This time Sam did rise to the bait and the pillow hit Dean square in the face.

"Okay, that would have been much more impressing if you`d flung the thing with your mind," came the muffled reply.


The next few days were filled with endless research and rigorous training. Dean had insisted on being prepared for the next demon to pay him a courtesy call. Luckily none had come so far.

He was also getting much better at handling Sam`s physical presence which was a good thing since otherwise sparring would have been a real bitch. Even so, watching Dean clenching his teeth as another migraine hit because Sam had touched him too long and too frequently wasn`t exactly Sam`s idea of fun.

But memory loss or not, Dean was one stubborn bastard and he pulled through. He had taken to fighting like a fish to water, easily falling back into muscle memory once he stopped thinking about what he was doing. The same went for shooting which the brothers had practiced in some remote area near their little motel.

Honestly Sam was a bit taken aback at how feral his brother could be. Sure, the old Dean had been itching for a hunt sometimes but this new version seemed to be downright feverish with the need to go out and kill something at times. So far Sam had managed to dissuade him from that.

Of course it hadn`t helped the mood at all when Dean had - to his great dismay - found out Sam was more adept with knifes or throwing stars. The older Winchester had chalked it up to him not being fully himself, despite Sam`s protestations that this quite simply had always been the case.

Sam had needled him a bit with it at times but it had never been more than their usual teasing. No different then their Shorty vs. Dorky routine which had been replaced Bitch and Jerk.

But now it seemed different, almost as if Dean`s instincts were driving him to be the best at everything, to crush his opponent in a fight.

Due to their improved situation the brothers had taken up sharing a room again with Sam using a sleeping bag on the floor for fear of putting too much of a strain on Dean if they slept in the close twin beds. It also had the added bonus of saving money which was getting tighter. Fortunately they`d accumulated quite a nice sum before this werewolf hunt gone oh so wrong.

Sam was reluctant to test out Dean`s skills at pool and his own track record with pool hustling wasn`t that great. In the last year the brothers had worked out a nice routine of entering a bar separately, then staging a nice game of "bad boy" vs. "geek" and had the locals betting on them. A win-win situation but it depended heavily on Dean`s outrageous acting and Sam wasn`t sure the older man was up to it at the moment.

Sam himself had always preferred poker but it wasn`t as easy finding - and joining - a game where he could win the amount he was looking for.

Still, all in all the progress was encouraging.

Of course things were far from being all sunshine and rainbows either. Sometimes their interaction was clumsy and strained. If the mood struck Dean could be near vicious in his remarks and, yes, accusations while Sam grew defensive and angry himself. At other times the two men almost walked on eggshells around each other.

Sam loathed the quiet moments because that was usually when the guilt intruded. He had skimmed the papers, searched the net everyday, looking for reports of strange deaths. And there was nothing. Naturally people died everyday but somehow he couldn`t shake the feeling he would know when he`d found the one.

Moot point altogether. The deed was done and he hardly would exchange Dean`s life now even if offered the choice. Yesterday Dean had hesitantly put a hand on his shoulder, squeezing, offering comfort or gratitude maybe. While his older brother hadn`t been too keen on learning someone else had died to save him, he didn`t seem nearly as agitated as he had been years ago with the Reaper in Nebraska.

On the research front things were looking up to. Sam had called around a bit, the "demons did it" cover story going over surprisingly well. Or maybe people liked to turn a blind eye when it was about one of their own.

Timothy, a specialist for the occult, whose bookstore-haunting problem the Winchesters had solved three years ago was able to feed them some substantial info and mail them a couple of very helpful books.

Dean had quickly found out that no, he didn`t like the research part very much. He was brimming with energy, wanting to do something instead of waving through dusky old texts. And Sam was pretty sure the word "geek" had been muttered more than once. It was oddly reassuring, his Dean peaking through.

The books didn`t offer any more insight on the sacrifice part itself but they held some interesting information on people supposedly healed by magical means. For one thing while the demon had been truthful in telling how most of them had died, it had been amiss to mention that this often was on account of being put to death by their own frightened families and neighbors.

Dean had jokingly asked him if this was out of the question then in his case to which Sam had retaliated with an impromptu sparring session, knocking his brother on his ass.

The thing had been more accurate however in sharing how some of these people did develop some psychic powers of their own, among them telekinesis, telepathy or even levitating. The most extreme case being pyrokinesis in some young Russian student who had sadly burned himself to a crisp with it.

However the texts were pretty conclusive in the powers emerging fairly soon after the healing, a day or two tops. Since Dean hadn`t yet displayed any symptoms, they were probably in the clear.

Dean had groused a bit about this, muttering something about how x-ray vision could have been helpful hunting beasties. Sam hadn`t dignified that with a response but instead pointed out how the suddenly turned psychic people had all either died soon after or turned up in mental asylums, howling at the moon each night.

A most welcome piece of news had been finding out that Dean`s allergic reactions to Sam`s proximity had mostly been due to Sam`s own psychic-ness. Apparently the "magical mojo" as Dean liked to call it, had made him ultra-sensitive to the presence of anything Supernatural. It had taken time to adjusting to it like one would to a suddenly heightened sense of sight or hearing.

The demon had probably been experienced enough to keep his own aura or whatever in check so his presence wouldn`t trigger such a physical response.

Indeed Dean seemed to have gotten the hang of it by now and was able to closely interact with Sam without any problems, even though he had developed a keen and, if you asked Sam, disturbing sense of the younger man`s whereabouts.

According to the books an added bonus of this condition also seemed to be a partial immunity to other psychic powers. For example only a highly powerful and developed mind reader would be able to actually read Dean`s mind now if his brother concentrated on blocking it.

Unfortunately in one area the demon had been most accurate. Everybody who didn`t die or went insta-super had indeed lost it and gone on crazy killing sprees, in a way becoming much like demons themselves.

However Sam had a theory about that. None of them had been hunters. Dean didn`t see how that made much of a difference though.

"So, you mean like what, they became like animals?" he frowned.

"No, I said predatory." Sam explained.

"Not seeing much difference here." Dean shrugged.

"Think about it. They led normal lifes: farmers, housewives, businessmen. And suddenly they have all these crazy energy running through them, feeling all these impulses."

"I don`t feel any impulses," Dean frowned.

"Do you like our sparring sessions? The shooting training? Do you feel like going out and kick some ass?

"But you said that`s what I`m always like," Dean pointed out.

"Exactly." Sam nodded enthusiastically. "You`re a hunter. It`s what you do. So, the instinct to hunt something wouldn`t bother you so much. And you already know your prey. It`s like a hunting dog that got some extra senses."

"Please don`t compare me to a dog."

"Okay, a special ops soldier then."

"Much better."

"My point is, you can use that to your advantage. You can handle it whereas some insurance salesman probably would go off the deep end."

Dean still didn`t seem terribly convinced but he appeared willing to give it some thought.
"So, it would make a normal life pretty difficult, would it?

"I guess." Sam was reluctant to answer. Even more to ask. "Do you think about it, a normal life?"

"Do you?"

Sam looked straight at him. "Yeah. Sometimes. It`s what I always wanted."

Dean nodded.

"And you?" Sam asked again

"Honestly? I have no idea. This life, training, researching, even this motel room, it seems oddly familiar. And I really don`t feel like a desk-job guy ..."

Sam snorted in amusement, then grew serious once more. "But... ?" he prompted.

"I... I keep thinking... a place to stay, like permanently... a family, kids... sounds nice sometimes."

There was a faint blush in Dean`s cheeks, almost as if he was admitting something against his will. Which was probably true, Sam thought.

Yet Dean didn`t seem to be finished. "But then I think about the stuff that`s out there. Demons and ghosts and... they can just waltz in and take it all away. Everything you have. Your home, your family, your kids. Yet most people have no idea, they have no chance. So, maybe they need someone... someone who`s gonna give them a chance. You know?"

Sam looked at him wistfully, maybe even a bit sadly: "Yes, I know."


It wasn`t much of a surprise when exactly twenty four days, three hours and five minutes after their run in with one nasty werewolf, the brothers were on a hunt again.

Sam had been most unhappy about this, claiming it was too dangerous for Dean right now. But his older brother had made clear that "if I stay in this room one more day I WILL go on a crazy killing spree.

So they had driven up about two hundred miles to the quaint and aptly named little town of Hell`s Bluff, Arkansas where apparently a haunted house had lured a few overzealous teenagers to their early doom.

And now here they were, armed and ready. Or so Sam hoped. Watching the old house.

They never saw the pairs of eyes watching them for they were as pitch black as the night itself.


Part 4


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Sep. 20th, 2006 12:14 pm (UTC)
Hey, I like the way you "lengthened" the conversation. *tabs fingers* Chapter four - please? :-p
Sep. 20th, 2006 01:15 pm (UTC)
Thanks. And now I keep picturing Ben too when I write. ;)

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Loved "Dean-ness" coming out in this chapter, although it was sorta skewed to the 'darker' side.

It would be a sad world indeed without "Dean-ness" *nods solemnly* *g*

I really liked that he actually had a conversation with the demon.

It was great fun writing it (in fact I think my first draft was three times as long, just Dean and the Demon bantering endlessly but I figured until Sam joined them for tea and biscuits it might seem a bit much :).

Thanks for reading and commenting. Am working on the last chapter furiously.
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You know I really like this Dean. More viceral, less angst-filled, still funny, and less beaten to death with that "must protect Sammy" thing. If anything they're more equal as hunters with him without his memory and thus by consequence there's room for Sam to be stronger and more interesting as well. Gives them a more complicated, off kilter relationship too. Old but new at the same time. You know some writers when the create a really interesting new version of Dean, like our unique, amnesiac, feral boy here, turn it into a series of series or a universe they can always come back to and hit us greedy/needy with the random one shot. Not twisting your arm or anything (gives a small twist) but I like what you've done here a lot and want to see more.
Sep. 21st, 2006 11:45 pm (UTC)
*rubs arm* *then pumps fist*

I`m psyched you like my versions of Dean and Sam. I tried to keep them in character yet give things a unique spin.

Hm, keeping this verse open for future stories. I`ll see what I can do about that. :) Hopefully the final chapter won`t be a terrible letdown to everybody. That always kills a story.

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I am most glad my comments please you O-Master-Of-The-Fic...

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Stop. No keep going. No stop. Keep going. *g*

Honestly you`re really making me blush here. I just got started on writing fanfic, normally I meta till the cows come home. :) Consequences is actually my second story ever.
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And I know there are lots of way more talented folks out there in the fandom but I`m overjoyed you liked my little foray into it.

Chapter 4 of Consequences is nearly finished and then my wonderful beta will have to look it over so a few more days I think- But I`ll try to post as soon as possible.

You`ve pretty much read everything I`ve written so far, I can only offer you a couple of measly drabbles in the meantime: Cutesy Drabbles and Drabble
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Thank you. I am wicked. :)
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Hi I am trying to put together a blogger teleconference with some of the cast of Supernatural for the CW if you are interested please email me at gedwards@mprm.com
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Next chapter?
... Help? I can't find part 4 to this fic. I looked in your archives but I guess I missed it. I would love to know how this ends. *bites nails*
Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Next chapter?
Oh, shame on me. The final part isn`t posted yet for my writing discipline totally left me. :( It`s almost done now though and I`m planning on sending it to my betas this weekend so hopefully it`ll be up by next week. And hopefully it won`t be a total disappointment.

Thanks muchly for commenting though, it`s quite a compliment to see that people are still interested in the story.
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Jul. 8th, 2007 08:40 pm (UTC)
Re: part four?
Thank you, it is indeed finished and I`m nagging my beta every day for it. :) She promised me to send it back very soon and I`ll have it up asap. With some luck, maybe as early as tomorrow. *crosses fingers*
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