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Fall TV is upon us

Fall Season 14/15 officially kicked off and I watched a couple of Pilots this week:

Scorpion - I was reasonably entertained by the Pilot but am not sure how much the source material can be milked in terms of a weekly show.

Gotham - wasn`t aware this was gonna revolve around Gordon as the protagonist and figured it would be Smallville for Batman, however I did like the Pilot and enjoyed all the little comic book gimmicks and references. Problem I see is in the premise itself since you know where these characters end up and how long it`s gonna take so for the time span that - I believe - the show will cover, there can be hardly any longterm victories. Which can get pretty depressing.

Forever - if you`ve seen Sherlock/Elementary, Castle and maybe a dash of Highlander, you`ve basically seen this show. Since I happen to like those shows and think Ioan Gruffud does a charming and likeable lead in this, I`ll keep it for now. In the end, it`s an innocent little crime procedural, neither spectacularly good nor bad.

NCIS New Orleans - hated the backdoor Pilot but gave this one a try pretty much solely because the NOLA backdrop fascinates me. Also, I like Scott Bakula back from his time leaper days and don`t blame him (unduly) much for Captain Furrow. The show stays with the NCIS formula, for good or ill. The funniest thing to me was that it both starred a grown up Lucas Black aka Caleb Temple from Amercian Gothic as well as Steven Weber who was in the same show. I will say the actual Pilot was better than the backdoor one.

As for returning shows, I didn`t hate anything I watched this week. Was pleasantly surprised by Person of Interest which pulled off the new circumstances better than I expected. Shieldis still a mixed bag for me, some good scenes, some boring ones and upgrade!badass!Skye? Le Sigh.

Oh, I did hate one, what in the everloving fuck is currently going on with Haven? A super-hammy, one-note "villain", a super-pathetic, creepy "hero" and in the midsts of this poor Duke and Dwight who deserve to live in a better town that hosts a better show. Also, whoever was responsible for that boob thing, both idea and special effect, can kiss me where MY laser beams come out. Urgh.



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Sep. 28th, 2014 04:07 pm (UTC)
Why did you hate the backdoor ep of NCIS: New Orleans so much?
Sep. 28th, 2014 04:17 pm (UTC)
Backdoor Pilots are hardly ever succesful in my opinion and I thought the NCIS LA one back then was plagued by much the same things that annoyed me with NCIS NOLA but somehow the case and characters grabbed me more.

Whereas the NOLA backdoor Pilot just bored my half to tears. For me a good Pilot (backdoor or otherwise) has to have at least one scene that makes me sit up straight and go "wow". I`ll even forgive lackluster 38-40 minutes since all Pilots are awkward if I get this one scene. This one didn`t have that, at all.
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