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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Finally saw X-Men: Days of Future Past which I enjoyed but wasn`t everything I hoped it would be. At least not after the halfway point.

I mean, I was spoiled for a lot of it, especially that Charles and Erik would unfortunately have limited screen time together but I felt in the beginning it was pretty good. And their old selves making peace and declaring their mutual love was awesome.

But why did Erik have to go batshit insane halfway through the movie? Erik is Mr.Mutant Cause. He goes gaga over saving/helping/liberating/fighting for mutants. And Raven has been a close ally/friend fighting his cause. Yet upon learning about the future, he immediately goes into "kill her" mode? A fellow mutant? Doesn`t even try something else? I mean he could have tried talking to her, explaining about the current danger, tried to lock her up. Anything but kill a mutant on first sight.

Now okay, lets say I buy this. And I can also follow that he then realizes he fucked shit up by not only spectacularly outing the mutant menace but also by providing the enemy with Raven`s blood by trying to kill her so a plan where he manages to get to the Sentinels and then have them malfunction and turn on humans? Makes strategic sense. It would have been a good way to get the program shut down.

But nope, he creates more mutant menace and what does he do with the Sentinels? Turns them on more fellow mutants. To kill them. "Do what you were made to do".
Oh, and he drops half a stadium on Charles in the process, seemingly without a care in the world. And in the end he kinda bitches that they will kill him if Charles lets them have him. No shit, Sherlock. So he not only became randomely anti-mutant evil but also a whiny coward? Would the real Erik Lenhsherr please stand up? I`ll even take the real Magneto. *head.desk*

Of course, just as First Class was more Erik`s character piece, this one belonged clearly more to Charles. Finding himself again. Reconcilliation with Raven at least, if not with Erik. Becoming Professor X. That was pretty awesome and McAvoy rocked it. The scene with both Charles` was kick-ass As did Jennifer Lawrence and my unhappiness with Erik`s character wasn`t due to Michael Fassbender`s portrayal. He has less to do here but was nevertheless fine. And I liked that Wolverine had a bit of a different role here than always-angry rebel, for he had to be the sensible one for a lot of it. Hee. Hugh Jackman as always does fine with the role.

The scale was more epic, the Sentinels were fierce and the final fight was great. Hats off to Quicksilver, too. That was a great scene with him. They also retconned every previous movie out of existence. Even the good ones. *g*

What did I like best? The Charles-Erik-y goodness in the first half. Both the prison break and the scenes on the plane were fantastic. The fight scene. The sex-metaphor chess play. For a brief moment there was the chance of reconcilliation. You could smell it in the air really. Then Erik got this "yo, I`m gonna go batshine insane in the next scene, yo" look on his face and I sighed.

Maybe the next movie can do for them what this one did for Charles and Raven. Or which cast is going to be featured? Do we already know?