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For all the kings spoilers...

Seeing as there are already a sizeable chunk of people who have watched X-Men: Days of Future Past, spoiler hound that I am, I went looking. And immediately hit a snag.

Oh, it`s no problem having the plot spoiled. Or mutants in it. Or cameos. Or action scenes. Any of it. And everyone was very, very positive. But for the life of me I couldn`t find reviews/spoilers from someone who appeared to view the movie through the same lens as I know I will. I mean my expectations are very simplistic in their own way: how well will the Charles/Erik relationship be handled? If it`s good, I can forgive a lot of other stuff. And while I could glean some things from general spoilers that I`m all over the place about because I lack context, I`m basically as knowledgeable about the movie as I was before I started looking.

In other words: hurry up, movie. And please, please be good. *fingers crossed*