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I still watch too much TV...

Pretty much all the Fall shows are nearing their Season Finales, several already had theirs. So I thought I`d be doing another pre-Final little update on the stats of my shows so far.

Sleepy Hollow - great fun, looking forward to its return though I wasn`t quite this hot on the cliffhanger

Marvel`s Agents of Shield - guess they`re retooling the entire show now, I will see if it finally manages to grab me, though in all honesty, 18 episodes is taking too long

Almost Human - worst screwing around with the episode order EVER; it has potential though and I would probably give it another go

Dracula - ehm, was mostly disappointed, not sure if I would return for a second year even if the show did, especially not without Renfield

Helix - liked the second half better but most of its charms was the confined, remote setting for me so iffy on Season 2, also thanks for making me like a character I couldn`t care less about in the beginning and then senselessly killing them off

Black Sails - I don`t know, it didn`t do much for me

The Originals - losing Claire Hold/Rebekah was a big blow but I`m still reasonably entertained

The Tomorrow People - they are currently trying to retailor the premise into something better but unless the show finally focuses on John/Jed/maybe Roger fighting against the Flounder, it will never be what it could

Reign - sorry, this is just fun, it`s so much crackfic right now with mad bdsm!Henry and evil!Anne`s schemings and if you are not watching, you are missing one of THE best comedies ever atm

The 100 - wow, this looked so much better in the trailer, between the drum-circle-and-lynchmob-forming "whatever the hell we want" crowd on the ground and the "we ain`t getting shit done ever, anyone up for a floating" people up on the arc, I weep for humanity, guess the radioactive people on the ground are the best bet

Can`t say anything about Star Crossed other then, I couldn`t finish the Pilot because I was soooo bored

Returning shows:

Teen Wolf - had a pretty sweet run during 3.B, a bit iffy on the set up for Season 4

Person of Interest - this Season features some pretty amazing storytelling but I wouldn`t want all my shows to be like it to be honest, give me some breathing room here and there

Grimm - I still like it but it`s kinda in a rut as well, move some stories along, they did manage to make me like Adalind so kudos

Arrow - not at the heights of early Season 2 but I still enjoy it a great deal, just wish Slade would get a redemption in the end

Community - I can`t say this Season was better than last in all honesty, some I liked, some I didn`t

Against my better judgment I`ve read up and watched some Vampire Diaries and it`s better than when I dropped it out of frustration but the best thing for this Season will be simply to end. Even occassionally watch some Supernatural and while it`s better than the atrocious drivel they served up in the second half last year, it just doesn`t go anywhere. The Mark of Cain is the only thing to interest me in years and it basically stands still.

My procedural shows...are my procedural shows, same as ever. Did anyone watch the NCIS-NOLA backdoor Pilot? I wasn`t exactly blown over.



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Apr. 18th, 2014 02:33 pm (UTC)
and if you are not watching, you are missing one of THE best comedies ever atm

Is that sarcasm or is it actually set up as a comedy?
Apr. 18th, 2014 02:56 pm (UTC)
No, it`s supposed to be a drama. In the beginning the producers seemed to go for "teen soap in medieval times" but with the current storyline appear to have gone "fuck it, we will make a dark comedy". Or maybe it`s unintentional but I often myself laughing uncontrollably, more than in most comedies.

And who know that Anne of Green Gables would grow up to be Catherine di Medici? She is the most magnificent character and the best actress on the show.
Apr. 18th, 2014 06:47 pm (UTC)
Actually Star-crossed looks better after pilot. Not good or anything but pilot was just awful.
( 3 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )