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Nov. 28th, 2013

I know Person of Interest must be really dividing fans right now but while I think there were some missteps in the previous episode, I found the newest one positively mesmerizing. At once just like I expected it to go yet nothing at all how I imagined either.

I had expected either a Carter memorial with lots of remembrances speeches or a revenge story where her death becomes just the impetus for John going rogue. And while both aspects played a part, I found it done in such a way that it was a beautiful tribute to her.

The flashbacks were unexpected but brilliant. Is Shaw supposed to be diagnosed as an actual sociopath? They hinted at it before but it`s certainly bold because usually sociopath gets conflated with psychopath and/or serial killer.

And who would have ever thunk that Fusco of all people becomes the moral center of something? Or that Root may actually want to help for real?

Carter was only a visible presence in the very first montage scene (perfect song for it IMO) and got then invoked by name only in the Reese-Quinn, Fusco-Simmons and Elias-Simmons bit but I thought she resonated strongly throughout the entire episode even if it was framed as "rescue John". Elias finishing the job was great.

I can see the first bits of a rift between Reese and Finch forming on the horizon. Reese seems so rattled, I`m not sure he can bounce back from it to a place that Finch can accept, re: killing. And really, the machine usually gives out the number way in advance that something could be done about it, Reese`s came up in time but the call for Carter, if you will, definitely came too late. I could actually see Reese getting angry at that, like how they can save every Tom, Dick and Harry but one of their inner circle doesn`t only get preferential treatment but not even regular treatment.

I`m not happy they killed off Carter, especially since her arc was the strongest this year - at least she went out on a high note this way - but for the most part, I think this Season rocks. If I compare the way the episodes are put together, how the stories are paced and everything with some stuff other show`s put out, I don`t even know what to say.


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Nov. 29th, 2013 02:40 am (UTC)
I agree this season rocks. I was only confused with *sudden* John/Carter romance, I always saw them as friends not more and I always thought it was Finch who saved John not her.
But the last ep esp with its flashbacks make it up for al confusion :) I grown to like even Shaw :)
I'm still can't trust Root though. I don't know what game The Machine is playing but her part contacting Root isn't trust-worthy, imo.
They already established the base of a conflict between John and Finch and I expect them to go further with it. My heart already bleeds for those 2.
Nov. 30th, 2013 12:44 pm (UTC)
The sudden love story bit came totally out of the blue, and I was like "bwah? okay, if they wanna go that way I'm not against it..." - and then they simply used it to stuff Carter in the fridge. I really, REALLY hated that.
The last ep was cool, but didn't make up for this, IMO.
Shaw was always and still is awesome. An actual sociopath wouldn't have had the scene with the little "spy girl" a few eps ago, so I'm not sure where this is going.

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