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Previously on Teen Wolf...

Caught up on Season 3 of Teen Wolf. This show is actually well-suited for marathon watching (though honestly, most genre fare are) instead of waiting in between weeks.

It`s funny because I kind of have been checking up on reactions beforehand and the actual show was not what I expected from that. Maybe I lack the deeper investment in the characters and show as a whole but it certainly helps along with the enjoyment factor.

Scott the Chosen One with a Capital C is still a pretty obnoxious plot point IMO because otherwise the character has immensely bettered himself from the Allison-obsessed doofus-version of Season 1. New Scott seems a lot more mature and serious and I like that.

However, it feels like they only put in the effort FOR that stupid Chosen One shtick. Like, noone would have taken early-Scott seriously otherwise. Which, very true, but I can enjoy a character better if there aren`t glaringly obvious Mary-Sue-plots looming on the horizon. I could enjoy the characer a lot better without waiting for that shoe to drop.

The Alpha pack - le sigh. Deucalion was cool until he yelled "I AM THE DEMON WOLF" so hard his glasses cracked. I wish I was making that up. Ennis was boring and evil, Kali is annoying and evil. The twins... well, one twin and Danny the goalie was cute but I don`t know.

The Darack murder mystery and Stiles trying to solve it, along with Lydia`s mysterious powers is a much more interesting plotline in my eyes.

I kinda dig Derek and the teacher. Sure, it came a bit out of nowhere but this show has always been goofy like that. So it still fits the theme. Also, I don`t think Derek has done horrifically badly this year in terms of decision-making and actions. In terms of his being the only Alpha on the "good side" and in the construct of Scott`s Chosen plot, he is just the one who will more often than not get saddled with a certain negative versus role. They want to present Scott`s leadership and latent Alpha abilities and for that it won`t do to meassure him against all the evil Alphas. Because, not a big accomplishment being better than THEM.

Skilled writers could build up a character without tarnishing another but Teen Wolf, as 99,99 % of all shows, lacks those.

On his own, I`d say Derek tries really hard to do the right thing and be a good person, he is just way too emotionally screwed-up to be the stable anchor I think an alpha has to present, especially to a pack of equally traumatized people. Give him a couple years of therapy, some emotional healing and time to figure out himself and I think he`d do okay. Until then he will be messed up and everything he does will be informed by it.

So, that is a quarter of the Season done. We`ll see how things go till the mid-Season Finale.