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Watched my "Easter Egg" today which was The Amazing Spiderman on DVD. I had not previously seen it because I hate going to the movies alone but usually can`t find someone who wants to go to "those kinds of movies" with me. If they are going to the movies at all instead of tending to house/family/garden. Sigh, back at Uni, I went with my roomate all the damn time. Miss those days.

Anyhow, I was uncertain about rebooting the franchise just a couple of years after the last movies but I enjoyed it (what do I know, though, I didn`t even hate-hate Spider-Man 3 :-p). The new Spidey was a bit snappier and snarkier which I liked. Of course parts of the origin story stay the same as they always do, like the whole thing with Uncle Ben, and they should. It`s, after all, the whole impetus for Spidey`s character. Just one moment of pettiness leading to such terrible consequences and that haunting him.

Also, since I`m a big softie, I enjoy those scenes when the people "give back", so to speak. Like the train scene in Spider-Man 2 and the crane scene in this new one. That was pretty awesome.

The suppporting roles were also well-drawn, for example Captain Stacy was a bit more than just the tunnel-visioned Police Chief out for the "vigilante" come hell or high water. And Gwen did defnitely get some better stuff to do than MJ did in the previous series.

Looking forward to the sequel for this one.

Which, speaking of, this movie year is just RIPE with upcoming sequels, isn`t it? Iron Man, Star Trek, Catching Fire, Thor... On the one hand, I`m majorly excited, on the other, apprehensive, too. I went into all the "originals" with little to no expectation. Now? Whole different ballgame. I mean, the trailers look good on IM3 and ST but heck, I thought the trailer for the Star Trek reboot looked atrocious and then the movie blew me away. Hopefully, all sequels keep those things alive that made me love the first parters.

Meanwhile, my "superhero movie" shelf keeps growing, I guess with great movies comes a great responsibility to provide room for them. *g*