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Those are the true Five

Okay, on the Vampire Diaires:

Caroline, Stefan, Rebekah, Damon, Elijah - those are the ONLY characters on the show who would IMO make valid, sensible sexual partners for Klaus. Really, I would buy it with any of them, based on past interaction and chemistry. However, that is where the list ends. Period. Full stop. Closed company.

So, this thing with Hayley? Might have been the weirdest hook-up I`ve seen in all of TV. Klaus ain`t Damon. We`ve never seen him do random hook-ups. Or any hook-ups. He spent his time romancing Caroline in a rather chaste way so far. I`m excited about the spin-off but baring further groundbreaking writing, this proves to me why the Hayley character has no buisness being on there.

Sigh. I wish after Damon had come to deliver his list of insults to Klaus, the two of THEM had had sex. That would have been more believable.

Other than that, the last ep was very much set-up. RoboElena gives me the creeps and not because of the way she is acting but because I think she HAS a secret plan and until I can figure out what it is, her actions make no sense. Which is why I expect any and all of her manipulative actions to lead to a "gotcha" moment. I swear I expect her to throw Damon of a rooftop next week, just from the promo making me so paranoid.


Mar. 17th, 2013 11:14 am (UTC)
Caroline war ja eh eigentlich immer einer der sympathischten Charaktere seit sie Vampir ist. Solange das da nur 'ne komische Phase war, weil die Schreiber mal wieder Schrott gebaut haben, yo.

Ein Caroline/Klaus Fan war ich aber trotzdem eigentlich noch nie und ich muss sagen, dass ich von Klaus oder auch Joseph Morgen eh immer voll die "gay vibes" bekomme und ich ihn ohnehin lieber als gay character in der Serie sehen wollen würde, aber yo, Träume sind Schäume und die haben da ja leider eh keinen außer am Rande Carolines Vater mal...hmm...how about'n "gay movie" mit Joseph Morgan und...Tom Hiddleston oder so...ach, da tun sich Möglichkeiten auf... *loooool* *g*