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Okay, I have to comment on that:

I kinda saw it coming, dreaded it coming and sure enough, they go there. Elena is "sired" to Damon. Discounting the fact that she didn`t act like it for the previous six episodes after becoming a vampire. The evidence Caro pulled out of her ass here falls apart if you watch the episodes in question. Damon himself brought Elena the blood bag and let her drink from his vein, obviously getting his rocks off doing so, so if she was basically vampire-compelled to please him, even if they were both unaware with it, why would she barf the blood from both sources back up? That didn`t make him very happy.

Not to mention she stood up to him against Matt, ran away screaming and crying from partying with Damon after one mere look! from Bonnie. All in all, she did plenty of stuff against his obvious wishes.

On the other hand, Caroline sees Damon being able to talk her down about Jeremy as a sign of being sired. Sure, like Stefan or Caro herself or Bonnie or anyone freaking ever has not at one point or another tried to soothe either Elena`s or another character`s worries by going "I`m sure it`s fine". And Elena or that other character on occassion have calmed down because of it.

Lastly, she is "so different", like a "completely different person". I WISH. Seriously, I wished it would happen and it didn`t.

I wished she turned into a different person, at least from Season 3 Elena but Vampire1Elena so far has been a straight line from that point. Living in a bubble of denial with Stefan and secretely running to Damon with stuff. Doing something active and badass on occassion and afterwards freaking out because ZOMG, the compassion.
She also, gosh golly, had feelings for Damon before. That is not new, people. Stefan himself sent her on a roadtrip with Damon to "figure out those feelings". They kissed before, they had sexual tension before, they had clearly a growing fondness between them. So why is her becoming more drawn to him so out of the realms of possibilities now that Stefan thinks "no way".

Elena ain`t different one little bit. Other than the blood drinking. And she can`t very much handle being different right now.

But you know who can handle it even less? Stefan. As a vampire, Elena isn`t so good to feed into his special fantasy anymore of that perfect girl perfectly loving him and if they close their eyes and wish for it real hard, none of them has ever done something bad and everything is unicorns and puppies.

Right now he basically wants to "fix her" back into that girl.

I know it will not happen but it would be really funny if after they break the sire bond, Elena told him that nope, she just isn`t that into him anymore. People who aren`t hot for your schlong aren`t necessarily broken, Stefan. They just have taste.

In this episode, I wondered though if Caroline was sired to Stefan because jeeze luise. I know she never liked Damon, well afterwards, and she has very, very good reasons for it. But thing is, Stefan isn`t any better. Look at the shady shit he did last episode. Look at the shady shit he did THIS episode.

Damon was right - oh, another point against your argument Caroline, Damon is quite often right, not being right and not being listened to aren`t synonymous - about it being a bad thing to hunter up Jeremy. And look what happened. Jeremy didn`t ask for it, jackass. And lets not forget that Klaus isn`t onboard with the cure Elena-plan to put her back in Stefan`s arms, he wants his hybrid wetnurse back. No reason not to work with him, eh, Stefan.

Speaking of Klaus, I like Klaus and Caroline but when even Klaus points out you`re being tacky, Caroline, you are really being tacky. Thing is, Klaus is a cold-blooded murderer who killed and threatened members of the holy friends circle yet here Caroline is giggling and flirting with him. Stefan, too, has murdered and raped (watch the 20s flashbacks and tell me he didn`t). Damon has murdered and raped.

It`s just that two of those three are nice to Caroline personally. That`s why she approves hanging out with them. But that`s a deeply hypocritical argument. It`s not "you shouldn`t be with him because he is a jackass" but "you should be with the jackass I like". Come on.

Stefan came across as suffering from wounded pride and noone throw him out of the boarding house - you could make a good point on it being HIS fault, though, that Elena had to leave HER house - he huffily walked away from it.

Meanwhile, Damon and Elena immediately jump into the sack together. Also not the most sensitive behaviour. But seriously, Stefan has been such a jackass for some time now, I wouldn`t even have minded at them going at it in front of him.

Now having read Julie Plec`s latest interview, I know a couple things: one being, the sire bond is real. As in, it wasn`t a red herring. But she also didn`t make it sound like that was entirely it for Damon and Elena, being supernaturally mind-warped to be together and thus discrediting everything between them.

Lets face it, this show is build on a freaking love triangle. If you continually pimp just one side and continually discredit the other as nothing, it ain`t so much a triangle as a bicycle with a spare wheel lying next to it.

So it kinda sounded as if they were trying infuse some tension into the relationship, having the characters question themselves and the authenticity of their feelings. Elena, that is. Damon, the guy who always wanted it to be real with her, will of course question if someone will ever, ever love him and/or choose him over Stefan.

We`ll see in how big a clusterfuck it all ends. At least I got a sex scene out of it. Guess we`ll be seeing that in a lot of vids. :)


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Dec. 1st, 2012 02:40 pm (UTC)
I am honestly this close to just drop the show. They made me almost-hate Elena, I can't stand Stefan anymore, same with Caroline. I feel actually sorry for Damon at this point, because everybody is always pushing him to make the hard decisions they can't make. And when he has done it, they tell him he just never changes, and he's the bad guy again.
Did anyone ever confront Stefan about the fact that he went back to his ripper days and murdered his way through the whole country just to save one person (aka Elena)? Because I don't think so.

WTF, show!
Dec. 1st, 2012 03:51 pm (UTC)
I can't stand Stefan anymore, same with Caroline.

Normally I like Caroline and I would have been all over the Klaroline scenes but it was hard to enjoy them when she was all "oh Klaus, my romantic hero, teehee", althewhile bitching to him about what a horrible person Damon is and how horrible it would be for Elena to hook up with him.

And the bugged-eyed horror with Stefan later. It`s like they would seriously prefer Elena in Klaus`clutches or dead or freaking tortured for all eternity. Anything but in a relationship with Damon. Stefan can let her down but that`s where he`ll draw the line.

Not to mention I expect way more judgmental hypocrisy to come in the next (few) episodes.

Did anyone ever confront Stefan about the fact that he went back to his ripper days and murdered his way through the whole country just to save one person (aka Elena)?

Nope. All is forgiven and forgotten. Frankly, I don`t even see much remorse from him. His comment towards Elena during the break-up scene was almost bitchy that way, like "well, I let you turning to Damon slide when I was the ripper but no more". Wow, how gracious of him.

But then Julie Plec the showrunner was outright called on the hypocrisy of Saint!Stefan vs. Demon!Damon and she said that "Damon needs to continually judged" whereas "Stefan is such a walking consequence already that piling on more would be unfair". The hell?

However, she also addressed the sire bond - and apparently that storyline was in their minds since early last Season and it is why they introduced Tyler and the hybrids being sired in the first place, just so that could be Damon and Elena now - and it didn`t sound so bad. Like they would actually explore Delena as a couple and that was just a roadblock for them. We`ll see.

Personally, I would find it great if Elena got unsired and then still chooses Damon. Just based on their respective actions.

Or heck, if she told Stefan "sorry, dude, Damon is way better in the sack", I could laugh, too. *g*
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