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And we have a dud, ladies and gentlemen...

Because I`m only slowly catching up on my shows, I have not yet seen last week`s ep of Merlin but the newest one? Was sooooooo much better when it happened last Season with Merlin as the unwitting assassion under Morgana`s control.

This one lacked suspense and the "threat" of Arthur`s impending death somehow lacked all the major gravitas it needed. Other than Merlin`s tears - though that was already a similar and better scene in Crystal Cave - and Arthur`s steadfast belief that Merlin could never do such a thing - though that, too, was more amusing to watch when Arthur declared it to a mind-whammied Merlin, in the buff, no less.

Even the last scene was nearly a 1:1 redo of Uther congratulating Morgana on saving them all at the end of the Season 3 Opener.

As a Gwen-centered episode I just found this really boring. And it`s still flawless Gwen because basically she is just under a spell so spare me the "kewl" darkside plotline. Yawn.

And the Knights threw Merlin into prison just like that and lurve Gwen with all their hearts now and want her as their leader? Holy Mary Sue Batman.

The promo for next week doesn`t look much better either. More Gwen being, uhhhhh, darksiiiiiiide. And for pete`s sake, can Arthur win a swordfight for once again? With Excalibur no less.

Yeah, I`m cranky but I know exactly how long this stupid enchantment plot will last and I`m bored by it al-fucking-ready.