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My Merlin stream kept freezing up this week, very inconvenient but after having seen the ep for real, here is my

I read a couple pre-reviews before watching and so went into the episode with some trepidations. But seriously, all these reviewers must have been on crack because nothing they spoiled as ZOMG!plot!points actually played out as they made it sound.

Merlin getting to be "King"? When the hell did that happen? He just relayed Gaius medical advice to Arthur - and on such matters, I`m sure even Uther bowed to Gaius`word.

Merlin expertly wielding a sword? I expected Mary Sueing of epic degrees but he clomped one guard over the head and run through another from behind. All very well within his (and numerous others) capabilities.

Merlin leading the knights? More Sueing to be expected but it was just him and Gwaine doing the rescue op.

In short: there wasn`t the epic UberSue everyone spoilered for, thank God. That is usually left for the Finales and is why they got on my nerves for the last two years.

Poor Mithian. I liked the character last year and liked her here. She did the best she could.

Morgana`s evil cackling has become tiresome to me. Maybe she was driven mad by her totally wonky and inconsistent character arc - I`m half of a mind to think Arthur has been the viewer`s standin in being surprised about the betrayals of both Morgana and Uncle Aggy for he, just like anybody else, simply could not understand a valid character motivation for the muhahahing - but I have enough of it.

The knights were supposed to be featured more this Season, yes? Hm. Maybe later. They still have the same neat background action going on as last year. Or did they mean the nakedness in the Premiere? Because yeah, that might count as "featured more". *g*

What was that fretting about Arthur going on a vengeance quest in the first half of the episode? Dudes, his plan was actually to not meet Odin. So what, should he just have said "nope, lets not go rescue that old neighbourly dude". WTH? Or was rescuing him supposed to be some kind of sticking it to Odin in revenge? I mean, wow, I`m sure his honor would have been besmirched beyond the telling of it by that.

But it kinda set up the moment at the end which was nice indeed. Arthur is good at uniting the lands (and making peace with druid spirits). Neat to hear he is consciously doing it by the way. Would like to see it more, seeing as it is, you know, Arthurian legend at its finest.

Very little Arthur/Merlin here but as first three eps had the cup runneth over with that, I could deal. What we got showed them on good terms, talking very much like friends. Master/servant these days is only words for them.

What cracks me up is Arthur and Gwen`s sexless marriage. Someone should tell the people they can give up on expecting an heir. Good thing Arthur is supposedly immortal through reincarnation.

Camelot, the kingdom where only Uther and trolls have sex. Seriously, a chaste peck on the forehead? And does he wear his chainmail to bed? When Merlin is in his chambers, he wears loose-fitting shirts - or nothing at all. Meanwhile, Gwen`s decoltée is close to getting its own credit. Seriously, director/camera operator, at one point they did one of those background/foreground shots where the person in the background is slightly blurred and Arthur was foreground/Gwen background - yet only her face was slightly blurred while the camera totally focused on her - clear as day - boobs. WTH?

In short, I found it a surprisingly decent episode.


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Oct. 28th, 2012 06:23 am (UTC)
Even though I was ~cranky about the A/G bedroom scene, I did notice how decidedly unsexual it was. Like, Gwen is in a pretty cute-ass nightgown and Arthur's like, "Grrl, please, I'm not taking off this chainmail for shit. Here, have a forehead kiss and leave me alone." At this point, I really don't think they're trying to sell us on any kind of romantic relationship between them. They're just good work friends who trust each other a lot and form a united front at parties.
Oct. 28th, 2012 03:24 pm (UTC)
At this point, I really don't think they're trying to sell us on any kind of romantic relationship between them. They're just good work friends who trust each other a lot and form a united front at parties.

It sure seems like that. I mean, I don`t expect net-bouning or fisting puns or anything like that because they never had that but back in their "courtship" phase, if you will, they would kiss whenever a backlit window came into view but these days? Nada.

I mean, I`m not exactly hung up about them getting it on but it seems a bit odd. And the chainmail in the bedroom was overkill, especially when usually late at night in his chambers Arthur is dressed in casual clothing, as you`d expect.

One thing that seems to have changed is now that Gwen is queen is Morgana having gone back to wanting to kill Arthur to reclaim the throne of Camelot. That drove me nuts last year, her incessant going after Gwen, claiming that she wouldn`t allow Gwen to sit on "her" throne. Sure, if you wanted to marry Arthur, then Gwen was your rival, otherwise, not so much.

I swear, this show and its plotholes and retconning and inconsistent character motivations. *shakes head* The saving grace has long since been the charme and charisma of the actors.
Oct. 29th, 2012 12:10 am (UTC)
I guess now they're post-honeymoon and they realize that while they get along really well and have lots of affection for each other, that doesn't necessarily translate for them into a sexual relationship. I can buy that progression, especially since I guess their relationship has always seemed more rooted in respect than in desperate physical attraction.

Nothing Morgana does makes any sense at all. I just shrug and settle into the cleave these days.
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