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More TV

Haven 3.03 - Wow, what a punch to the gut. Audrey can be ruthless, way more than Nathan or Duke will ever be. Not that I think she was ultimately wrong but how she went about it? Yowzer. And after Duke had done his utmost to be there for Audrey lately, too.

I felt very sorry for Duke. He tries so hard and yet in this situation, I wanted him to do what he ultimately did. Still, it`s a slippery slope now.

Happy that Audrey told Nathan right away. Didn`t like him being made intentionally obtuse in regards to Audrey bringing Duke in. Like the line "we need to break the circle" didn`t make it crystal clear what she planned.

Man, I hurt so much for my OT3. And scared for them, too. They would never have killed each other over some stupid obligation to destiny but personal hurt and betrayal? Whole different ballgame. Dudes, don`t fuck it up.

Fringe 5.02 - Am still not quite at home in this variation of the show. Though I really liked to see this side of Etta. It`s naive to believe resistance fighters under these circumstances aren`t hardened and ruthless. Which is where Olivia is both naive and not-understanding of this world but at the same time can bring in a new perspective on "why we fight".

Meanwhile Peter who has always been incredibly adaptable seems to have more of an understand of the person Etta is now and how to talk to her. When he calmed her down in that hallway? Great chemistry between the actors. Though it weirds me out since both are looking the same age so the chem could be passionate but you know they are father-daughter.

Also, Simon? Sniff. I expected him to come back at a later point but now probably not so much.