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More TV-watching

One after another, my shows are starting again and my TV week is filling up. So far I watched:

Bones - mostly I watch to see which of the revolving interns will amuse me this week
Castle - okay to we`ll see how it goes
NCIS - bit of a letdown after the Finale
NCIS LA - I kinda knew it because oh well
Criminal Minds - not a fan of the new character

And today: Fringe

I liked it but I guess my expectations were a bit too high from that Comic Con trailer because it didn`t quite blow me away.

This future is so incredibly bleak and Walter`s torture was horrific. Dear God in heaven, that man`s brain must be like scrambled eggs at this point. Which I`m sure will be the reason he WILL recover the plan when noone else would have.

Olivia`s not being in "Letters in Transit" was explained well. Though it`s sad that her and Peter basically split up. Well, that is what this Season is for, I guess. :)
And character-wise, the reactions are fitting. Peter IS a child who was stolen from his real family as well. September told him he already lose a child as well - Henry - when the timeline was reset. No wonder he could not give up looking for Etta. Meanwhile Olivia`s response is wholly believable, too. She would throw herself into the mission. I liked that they talked about it maturely and lovingly.

The actress playing Etta is very good IMO and I love her scenes with her family. Also great bit of physical casting, she looks so much like Olivia with some facial markers of Peter - the big, round eyes - thrown in.

I just hope this show will have a happy ending. Those characters have earned it so much.


Sigh, I`m not liking Nathan being this whole pre-judg-y jerk with Duke. So far he hasn`t done anything to deserve it. I know he has legitimate issues with Duke and he knows him as someone who is untrsutworthy and a user but not a murderer. And that is what he has mentally already convincted him for. Get a grip, Nathan. Audrey manages to treat him like a friend until proven otherwise.

In that vein, I liked Dwight easing up a bit and helping find out about the hunter. And see, Duke actually did what he set out to do, he gave Audrey valuable information concerning her timetable. Three guesses on the Hunter`s Meteor shower happening in the Season Finale? :)

The case with the troubles was a bit weird. I felt bad for Jesse, the dog. And that poor dog that was killed in that barn early on. Violence against animals, I always have a hard time with.

Audrey looking wistfully at the dog at the end of the episode was quite sad. I was surprised she didn`t tell Nathan the truth, though. These characters work so well together because they don`t usually keep stupid secrets like this. I know it is to protect him but I think bringing him in to help would ultimately be better for everyone. Hope it comes out soon.

The new psychiatrist? Eh, I didn`t mind her too much. I had read how much of a Mary Sue she was and at times it was bordering on it, in the end when she did Audrey`s job for her basically. But in this ep, I could deal with her presence.

Duke`s "don`t tell me, another Audrey Parker" was hilarious, though. Because both were some pretty, long-haired brunettes.

Only SPN, TVD and Community to go now. Oh, and possibly Arrow and/or Beauty and the Beast (the latter looked so hilariously bad, I need to watch at least the Pilot so gauge out the amusement factor).


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Sep. 29th, 2012 02:36 pm (UTC)
Bones - mostly I watch to see which of the revolving interns will amuse me this week

LOL, this!

Still can't get over the fact they killed-off Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray, though. :(
Sep. 29th, 2012 02:41 pm (UTC)
Oh boy, his death was so sad, the confused little "don`t make me go". Guess they figured if they picked one of the more popular ones, the audience would find it more moving. Grr.

Though I mostly like them all, though Daisy only in small, small doses.
Sep. 29th, 2012 06:16 pm (UTC)
I thought that dog/man wasn't killed but just wounded. Nat asked for ambulance. Did they confirmed that dog/man was killled and i missed it or it's just a spec?
Sep. 29th, 2012 06:36 pm (UTC)
The one he shot at? No, that one was just wounded.

But Jesse, the dog which had rabies, obviously died in the end. In the beginning when they entered the barn, they found another dog, or well, pieces of it. I guess the man/dogs had savagely killed it. :/
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