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Dear god, they're all psychos...

Spending my last vacation days doing a little rewatch of Vampire Diaries.

And boy, as much as I love that show, you can pretty much only watch it if you love the main characters and don't give a shit about the rest of the town/world/whatever - just like the main characters. Because it's pretty much just the Fellowship of the Falls and their Enemies du Jour (now people may veer between those two camps, depending on the episodic plot, by which I don't mean the plot of the episode but the plot that is thought of by our heroes within the episode :), happily living in a little bubble of only caring about each other.

Other/random/non main-cast people are bascially only there so that various people of our happy bubble-cast can make emotionally highly-charged points to each other and work out their issues. As such, munching on them will get you an unhappy frown (and some stern talking to possibly) if you are a card-carrying Fellowship-member or the stink-eye (and some stern trying to kill them, though not really because of any wrongoings commited against Joe Schmoe people) if you are an Enemy.

Normally, that would probably bug me immensely but thanks the heavens I do love the Fellowship of the Falls as well as most of the Enemy camp to bits (and as such, it's a huge main cast) so I'm more than invested in what happens to them and just to them,

However, I kinda want a storyline now where they carry on just as they always have, with their little plots and counter plots and highly emotionally charged bickering, passive-aggressive stabbiness and so on. Only, they should do it in a ghost town. That is, a town devoid of random citizens, not populated with ghosts (that plot, they have done). And it should take the entire main cast at least half a Season to figure this out. Because they are so adorable self-involved in their little bubble, this could be the mid-Season cliffhanger, a kind of "holy shit, where is everybody?"

Because the main characters on Vampire Diaries are literally the people who would live through the total annihilation of mankind and probably only catch on to this, say, six months later. They could have lived on the Lost island and never noticed the Losties, the Others, the Tailaways, the Dharma foundation, the smoke monster or the polar bears. *g* I don't think I've ever loved a bunch of psychopathic characters more than these. Or that ever there was a show solely populated by them. *cuddles them*


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Jul. 14th, 2012 02:46 am (UTC)
I'm so far behind on TVD that I should just start over from the beginning, and you're making me want to do just that. LOL
Jul. 14th, 2012 11:53 am (UTC)
TVD has always been one of my "plot" shows though I love the characters as well. But the plots and they pace they happen at is simply fantastic. In marathoning it, it's nearly overwhelming just how much happens in the span of just a few episodes.

It just struck me how very, very much the plots are focused on just the core characters. I mean, even if it's technically "we have to foil bad guy's plan because he/she/they are going to kill a bunch of people", the real reason is always and unfailingly "we have to foil the bad guy(s) because he/she/they are going to kill one of US". The random people populating the town are more or less props.

Normally, it should make the entire cast thouroghly unlikeable - without even taking into account that most of them are rather unapologetic killers - but maybe because they are also the most emo unapologetic killers ever, I still want to bundle them up in blankets and feed them cookies. *g*
Jul. 14th, 2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
LOL That's fandom! Feeding cookies to killers for forty years. :D
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