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Jul. 11th, 2012

Man, I should have held off watching the Season 2 Finale (that is ep 12, not the special ep 13) of Haven until shortly before Season 3 started. Now I have to waaaaaiiiit like everyone else. Buhuuuuuuuu. :(

So basically, it is an endlessly repeating cycle, consisting of a troubled Crocker, a reset Sarah/Lucy/Audrey and a troubled, well, what kind of figure is Nathan? What his father was before him? The protector and helper of whomever Audrey is this time? Or the "Colorado Kid"? Someone who brings or ends the troubles?

In any case, it's three people who seem to be inextricably linked. Just unfortunately playing things out over and over again in the same way.

And I like that it is still grey areas. The trouble of the Crocker family is actually something that I imagine some Troubled would consider a blessing. It isn't just "evil".
Though coming with a terrible price, it can be used for good. Simon may have veered off too much into fanatic Rev territory but Duke doesn't have to. I wonder if that is why Lucy gave him the pendant, the one with her initials that Duke then gave to Audrey.

But the insciption in the box "love conquers all", I'm guessing that this will be literally the solution. And it will play into something Dave (or Vince?) - and btw, I'd like to get their backstory some more - said, that this time "Audrey" is different. Maybe it's the interplay between whatever the real personality of present-Audrey and Audrey-memories. They could shape/create a slightly different person each time. And this one has a chance for a different outcome.

Not just her, though. Nathan is different to the Chief and Duke is different than his Dad, both a product of their respective circumstances. What's also different is that those three people have become friends, with Nathan and Audrey even falling in love. That also could be something previous generations just botched in the end.

You know normally I hate cheesy "lurve saves the day" endings, like I hated the stupid yellow crayon speech and every single one of its incarnations, haaaaaaaaate. But, with the build-up this time, I think it would be really fantastic if Audrey/Nathan/Duke managed to break the curse through the power of their love for each other. I hope neither of them kills any of the respective others, not even in a "have to to save the world". I want a happy ending. Sniff.

In that vein, I hope that stupid gunshot sound was just for the cliffhanger. I don't expect either Nathan nor Duke to be killed off the show but I'd find it sad if either even shot the other. DNW. That said, boy that revealed backstory between them? Ouch. No wonder Nathan was always so incredibly pissed off during Season 1 - and only mellowed out every time Duke was in danger - having his troubles triggered? Not an easy thing to forgive. Even or especially of someone you care about.



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Jul. 11th, 2012 03:59 am (UTC)
I actually think Nathan was supposed to be the "Evil one". Those three should never have been friends or loved each other. They should be on different sides. That is the circle that keeps repeating itself. The three sides they are representing are fighting each other and it all ends with them killing each other or trying to kill each other, "Audrey" going back to sleep and the troubles vanishing for the next 27 years.

Just that this time, Nathan was raised by the sheriff, and Duke never really met his father, and Audrey is a cop. And they love each other.

So this time for some reason they have an actual chance to stop the troubles once and for all, and some people just don't like that...

It's a really fascinating concept if you get down to it.
Jul. 11th, 2012 09:58 am (UTC)
I actually think Nathan was supposed to be the "Evil one".

Looking at his biological father, you might be right. Though I'm still trying to work out the logistics because that guy sounded like he was on the Rev's side, just as well as Simon Crocker.

With Duke's trouble revealed, it's now clear what he can do. Audrey might even be one of the first troubled persons ever - we don't know how old she truly is - and it might be her who brings the troubles and they vanish with her, like you said. But when she is there, her "power" you could say is stabilizing things, helping the people get through the troubles more or less unharmed.

So what does Nathan represent? His trouble per se doesn't answer the question. It would kinda make sense if he could start troubles, trigger them, bring new ones.

Then we'd have one who starts it, one who ends it and one who balances it out. But somehow, I don't think that is Nathan's part either. Hm.

It's a really fascinating concept if you get down to it.

That it is. Like I said, I'm not usually a fan of "love conquers all" but in this case, it would be so fitting and wonderful to see it.
Jul. 11th, 2012 04:49 am (UTC)
I'm glad you're watching it now cause i forgot plenty of stuff there and your posts remind me of some forgotten things.
So now you see why it was good to get through slow pace of s1? worth the shot isn't it? ;)
Jul. 11th, 2012 09:50 am (UTC)
So now you see why it was good to get through slow pace of s1? worth the shot isn't it? ;)

Totally. And it's not even like Season 1 was bad or anything, they just didn't get into the mythology yet.
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