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Ha, funny, I've been having the last three eps of Terra Nova sitting on my hd for some time now because I wasn't in a big hurry to watch. Yesterday evening I finally did watch them and thought to myself: "oh well, with the new set-up, maybe the next Season will be better (or not)". And today the cancellation is announced. Haha, what conincidence.

Not that I'm particularly troubled or anything. It was at best serviceable as popcorn entertainment when nothing else was on. Still one less sci-fi/fantasy/mystery-show. And with their "sucess rates" in recent years, I don't expect many new ones.

Also, the basic idea isn't that bad, if only the "humans start a colony in an unlikely place - cue survival shenanigans" could start a bit earlier. Like, when they actually DO start the colony and not 10 years later when they already live in cutesy luxury cottages and their biggest worry after an EMP is losing use of the coffeemaker. I didn't like it much at the time but in retrospect, I would dig a new attempt to do something "Earth 2"-like. Just keep Spielberg away from TV shows. Movies and longterm shows are COMPLETELY different in how you have to conceptionalize and handle them and the guy doesn't seem to able to switch from one to the other.

Well, at least maybe this news will help the (unlikely) chances of Fringe getting one final (maybe shortened) Season 5. After all, Fox is gonna lose some scripted shows after this Season.