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I've been on a diet for the last month and it actually wasn't all that bad, lots of fresh fruit and a 28-day-stash of pre-prepared food, including cereal, porridge or rye bread for breakfast as well as an assortment of dishes and soups for lunch or dinner respectively. They really tried to appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes as there were some Italian or Thai dishes as well as more traditional German meals. And who would have thought that Sweet-potato-coconut-soup or Parsnip-Chili soup could be so tasty? Heck, the diet even had popcorn or cookies for snacks. :)

But since today is my last day, I have to admit I'm really, REALLY looking forward to having some bread rolls again. Or a pudding once in a while. And lets not even talk about chocolate. *drools*

Of course I'll try not to mess up my sucess by returning to eating just as unhealthily as I did before but there are a few things I could never drop from my personal menu. I just have to pace myself better. Hopefully, I (or rather my stomach) has gotten used to the lighter portions by now.