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First week of work in 2012 done. Uff.

A co-worker has been on sick leave since last October so we've been doing her work on the side for months now already. This week, we had to split the workload previously done by our two collegues who had to go because their fixed-term employment contract had run its course. The co-worker, I'm sharing my office with, will be off next for maternity leave in the middle of February so we will then "re-asign" the work anew.

Also, that means many, many more having to go to court sessions for the rest of us. Sigh.

And the new colleague we've gotten beginning of this year has never worked in our field and will require extensive legal training before even beginning to be of help. My guess is maybe summer this year before she can be allowed to draft up documents unsupervised.

Not to mention the department we're absolutely and utterly depending on for our work has been cannibalized again. And they were understaffed and completely overworked to begin with.

Yup, this year is going to be interesting. I kinda wanna hide under my blanket and not come out till next Christmas. Eek. :/

Am still determined not to get swallowed up in it all. There are already a couple of colleagues in treatment for depression and burn-out who ran themselves ragged in the past. I still like my job and my team and I'll do my best to keep the boat afloat but I won't let it squeeze my life's blood out of me.