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In preparation for today's ep of Merlin, I did a quick rewatch of a certain first Season ep. *cough*

Oh my, the anvils for what is to come were flying fast and low back then. Arthur and Lancelot sitting side by side, Merlin asking Gwen who she'd choose out of the two and her claiming she'd never have to. I giggled about it back then but faced with the actual prospect of dealing with that part of the legend? Oy.

Also, I miss the times when even Arthur and Lancelot used to have the romantic violin music (you know the one) while they gazed into each other's eyes longingly. It's too bad the show never really picked it up again later but those two had some awesome chemistry in their first outing together. *sniffle*

Really too bad there weren't more "knight" eps. As predictable as they were - future knight coming to Camelot, Uther doing them wrong, Arthur standing up for them, future knight leaving, holding Arthur in higher estimation than your usual noble man - I loved them. And it's still neat that the first chance he got, Arthur was all "screw that, now I can finally make the decision" and knighted the hell out of them. *g*

Oh, and some random bit of fun from the German translation of ep 4, line "Arthur may give you a hard time..." which became "Arthur mag dich hart rannehmen". Teehee. I might not usually be a fan of the German synchro but in this case, well done.