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I watch entirely too much TV.

Vampire Diaries - continues to be awesome.

I'm easy for flashbacks (despite the unfortunate hair issues but I got over that with Angelus already :) so I loved seeing more of them. We got full backstory on the original family. Didn't expect Michael to be the father or the original witch being the mother - though in that case the "original" is misleading because she wasn't the first witch.

And interesting that werewolves were there before vampires. Does this mean there is an original werewolf (family) - maybe from the stone age *g* - who should be all accounts be more powerful than vampires then?

Now I didn't like Rebekah (spelling?) before now but when she broke down crying at the end, I sniffled. She acknowledged how Klaus couldn't handle betrayal from others and even sympathized because she felt that it keeps happening so double whammy for learning what huge, initial betrayal HE commited to all of them.

And, did his mother let it happen or did he surprise her? Because witches have been shown able to take down both vamps and werewolves. They seem to be the most powerful creatures in the verse.

Also made me feel for Klaus a bit. No wonder he wants hybrids so bad, he wants to belong and not be the only one of his kind. Must have been a real zinger to have his own mother turn her back on him. Though, we don't know what exactly happened there.

Ah, Elijah, good to see you, even with that hair.

Damon and Stefan - awwww. Elena is right, it will most likely be Stefan's love for Damon that brings him back. Michael zoomed in on this little tidbit roughly 2.5 seconds after meeting them - and exploited it with success.

Also, Elena and Damon? I'm not even sue if I'm really shipping them romantically but I find their bonding scenes mesmerizing.

So much keeps happening each episode and yet I always find them too short and want more. Hee.

Once Upon a time 1.02 - SOOO much better than the Pilot IMO. Love the fairytale segments. Gave the characters some depth and some intrigue as well.

Ringer 1.07 - Yeah. sorry, Bridge, but how long did she think she could get away with the pregnant - or not as the case maybe - thing undetected. Like Andrew would want to see ultrasounds or get progress reports or accompany his wife to doctor's appointments. For that matter, her doc might want to expect her as well regularly in her "condition".

Revenge 1.07 Nooooooolaaaaaaan. Nuff said.

The Secret Circle 1.08 Hm, I hope they do something soonish with Cassie being the daughter of Warlock Satan (or something). She is still entirely, entirely too bland.

Terra Nova .1.06 Meh, wasn't all that entertained by murder by dino.

Found Community a bit flat this week after loving the last eps. As for Big Bang Theory they are working the Amy-becomes-emotional angle a bit too hard. She was like the female Sheldon when she came on, nowadays she couldn't be less like him if she tried so what brought this complete personality shift on?

Oh, and I didn't even know Bones came back on. I can already tell that I won't like the entire pregnancy plot. They are hard to pull off on TV shows and most fail anyways. See here.

Also caught up on Castle - liking the Season, hating the Captain and House - I either want the old characters or the newer old characters back. Loved the House/Wilson make-up. :)

Fringe still to go. Am wibbly with excitement.



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Nov. 5th, 2011 10:57 am (UTC)
Looking forward to see how you like 405 of Fringe. There were ups and downs there for me.
Nov. 5th, 2011 12:31 pm (UTC)

He is so my favorite new male character of the season. Nolan = absolutely awesome.
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