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When little shows grow up...

Caught up on Merlin at least and my, this little goofy show seems a lot more mature and darker this Season. They even updated the titles from "destiny rests in the ends of a boy" to "man". Not that I mind, quite the opposite.

This new somber tone to the characters appears to have the pleasant side effect of getting rid of the more obnoxious "comedy" moments that troubled the Arthur/Merlin interaction the last two Seasons - like the stupid throwing stuff. In what I've seen so far, there were some splendid moments between the characters, though nearly everything was underlined with sadness. Sniffle. The last few bits of episode 3, knowing what we know, ouch.

In a way, I still miss the good old days of Season 1 with all the happy friendship and bromance but it makes sense the characters (and show) have lost that innocence. Hopefully, they can keep this vibe up.

Also, Morgana is a lot better as a crazed witch living in Exile than smirking obviously all over Camelot without anyone noticing. Just don't care that they had to pull a nevertofore heard-of uncle from the hat for the purpose of being her in-house spy.



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Oct. 17th, 2011 06:58 pm (UTC)
All i can say it IKR! I'm liking this season so far and it feels so mature and serious. Of course i'm still waiting for Arthur to find out about Merlin but right now they both have a lot to deal with besides Mer's little secret. I'm looking forward to see how Merlin will support Arthur in his dark days. Damn, the last ep had so many good Merthur moments i was ready to look for fics :)
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