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More Fringe ramblings...

I know, I'm like months behind everyone else on this reaction but the Fringe Season 3 Finale? whuuuuuuuuut?

Given the givens, this is the show I most look forward to next Season.

My Erasing Peter entirely from the narrative won't work IMO because he kickstarted this whole thing with Walter crossing over. So, my guess is these early events happened but either alterna!Peter (who is really our Peter if I think about it even though he is from Over There) was already dead when Walter crossed over or couldn't be saved or something.

Thus, adult!Peter never "existed" in either reality which would change the key characters lives around him, mainly Walter and Olivia.

There should also be no Henry, of course.

And then, we have Adult!Peter who did exist - otherwise he couldn't have "served his purpose" as the observers put it. As we learned from dead-not-dead Belly, a person's conscience is energy and energy can never be destroyed. So maybe Peter in his Peter-form is either trapped somewhere or was send somewhere or at least his energy is and he will somehow regain his Peter-form.

Maybe there is a third universe and he went there? Or to Observer-land? They must hail from somewhere after all and THEY clearly remember everything about him.

I've seen no indication Josh Jackson has left the show and with their meager budget, they'll hardly pay a regular they'll never, ever use so it stands to reason the character will come back. I hope. *wibble*



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Aug. 13th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
The erasing itself didn't bother me much but that they made it look like it didn't change anything? That frustrated me to no end. If they'll insist that there's no Peter and there's still a war between 2 universes and Walter still went there and ruined the balance (actually hpw could he if he didn't stole Peter?) i cry foul cause they're rewriting their own canon.
And since i watch this show only for JJ i'm afraid he won't be there enoough. Cause 2 minutes in the ep as a ghost isn't enough for me.
Aug. 13th, 2011 06:19 pm (UTC)
Like I said, I believe Peter (in either universe) did exist and Walter crossed over for him but maybe was too late to save him. That would still put the destruction of both universes into effect.

And of course Peter as we know him must have existed to bring the universes together like it happened in the end. So, either there is a time paradoxon (and those never make sense, never if you really think about the logistics of it) now or he created an alternate timeline to "ours".

I agree with you in not wanting to watch without JJ. I mean, I could take it if one or two episodes they build a mystery around his return and then have him back but just a few ghost appearances here and there wouldn't be enough for me either. It's certainly a daring move to play with a well-liked lead character but unlike on other shows, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
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