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A movie in 13 scenes...

Seeing as I talk about not much else recently, I'm sure you'll be really surprised that this post is about... X-Men First Class *g*

Having seen this movie roughly fifty times now, I thought I could do this favourite scenes thingie as well. And to clarify that a bit on what that means for me, I NEVER watch a movie whole more than three times at the most and that is really, really pushing it, never have in my life and never will probably and I have not watched XMFC more than two times in its entirety either. I will however watch my favourite scenes of my favourite movies literally hundreds of times. Once upon a time I "watched" Star Wars every week for an entire year, parts of it that is, pretty much the same parts. Seriously, DVDs and chapter skip were invented just for me and my instant gratification. :D

So whenever I say what are my favourite scenes of a movie, that is in a nutshell the movie for me. Curiously - and this is a seldom if not totally unheard of experience for me - I keep shifting/adding scenes with this one. There are those that struck me right away and still do and there are those that sprung on me later.
Anyway, without further ado

1) Little Charles and little Raven. Seriously, so cute and while later on I believe Charles helps nearly all the young mutants they find but gravelly misjudges Raven's needs out of their closeness, in this moment, he was and said exactly what she needed. Because of this scene, it hurts so much more to see a bond like that be broken later on.

2) Erik and the anchor. Yes, the cantina scene is badass, yes, so are the Russia scenes but he got Shaw and Frost to run because he hurled a huge anchor right through their Yacht. And wasn't it nice when he still had a fashion sense?

3) "You have your tricks, I have mine." Imagine that, Erik "I have only one mission and that is killing Shaw" Lehnsherr just got - literally - pulled away from that by Charles and by all accounts he should be furious and ragey and whatnot but for a moment there in the water all that is cancelled out by his intrigue at meeting Charles, meeting another mutant. Maybe that was when his mission thinking started to shift. Oh, he still absolutely wanted to kill Shaw afterwards but the mission that drove Magneto - mutant's first - was maybe born there, when he realized there was a mutantkind in the first place.

4) The entire recruitment trip, Not only the strip club though that is great but everything really, the music, the constant looks, the way they walk together and how they walk out right away upon Wolverine's suggestion they go fuck themselves. Ha.

5) The power "exposition" scene of the youngsters. It's in such stark contrast to how they get ridiculed by the FBI agents a few beats later. Here they are amongst themselves and have fun with their abilities. Questioned right then they'd probably be excited to help humans. Oh yeah, nearly all the humans acted so abysmally in the movie, they mostly blew it for themselves I have to say.

6) Capturing Frost. They are at an interesting point there, Charles and Erik. Obviously Charles does not support' Erik torturing the other telepath but he does let it go on longer than he wants, despite himself while Erik pulls back maybe sooner than he wants. Here, they can still "compromise" in a way.

7) Arriving at Westchester. Aww, Raven defends Charles against Erik's sarcastic remark in a playful way. Sniffle.

8) The whole training is wonderful - Banshee falling with a screech, then Erik pushing him and Alex mastering his powers (Hank's terrified little misery at standing there for target practice is awesome) but of course crown has to go to Erik turning the dish. The music, the closeness, the way Charles spoke to him - at this point they were probably more on a wavelength than ever before or after. Sniffle, the second.

9) The sub lift. Because really. Wow.

10) Erik lunging to his feet throwing himself bodily onto Charles to protect him. Nuff said.

11) Charles holds Shaw while the coin goes through "both" their brains. It's kinda enormous for Charles to do it because not only does he have the power to do so in the first place but we know it goes against his moral in every way. Meanwhile Erik, who clearly does not want to hurt Charles, does just that ahd he is smart enough to know but either he represses it so much that his conscious mind doesn't acknowledge it or he uses the helmet as a literal shield against the knowledge.

12) The beach divorce, how could it not be on the list? Erik letting go of the missiles, craddling Charles to his chest and so clearly wanting a future with him yet Charles has to break both their hearts. And he neither tells Erik nor Raven of his condition though he must be aware. It's so painful when they left and he finally allows himself to crumble with the acknowledgment that he can't feel his legs. Waaaaaah. (A sniffle is no longer enough here).

13) Charles mindwiping Moira. Why that? Because my heart breaks for the guy here more than maybe in any other scene because he has lost everything: Erik, Raven, his mobility, his complete optimism and now he is about to lose Moira, too. And sure, he already plans a future with the school and helping mutants but in terms of personal things he doesn't get to keep even one of them. And while it's nice to find meaning in the service of others, I do not believe humans are meant for complete altruism insofar as they require some "selfish" gains for complete happiness.

Oh wow, this might have turned into a half-baked meta already.

Also, note to self, do not drive to work listening to the movie soundtrack in your car and have it on what I call "Erik's badass theme" while you are stuck at a red light or behind a "crawler". That music does bring out my aggressiveness as well. Seriously, if I could command metal, that "20 miles per hour" bozo in front of me and his car would have been toast. :-p



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Jul. 21st, 2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
\o/ Seriously, just \o/

I need to finish my favorite scene stuff. And I do the same, I watch a movie as a whole a few times, but usually I just rewatch my favorite scene. Of the whole "beach divorce", my favorite part is when the bullet hits charles, the whole slo-mo, Erik's shocked LOOK!
Jul. 21st, 2011 06:55 pm (UTC)
The entire beach scene breaks my heart. I mean, I knew going into this movie where the characters would go, that Charles would end up in a wheelchair, that him and Erik would become, well, a version of enemies but it's one thing to know and quite another to watch it happen. Somehow the movie had me hoping against hope they'd work it out.
( 2 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )