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Dec. 6th, 2010

Found the Merlin Season 3 Finale to be a

After the build-up of last episode, the conclusion seemed rushed. Oooh, indestructable huge army. Nah, no biggie, get to the not-that-well-guarded cup and snap, everything's okay. Granted,
Team Evil didn't know Team Good had a weapon to explode their so-called immortals but apparently that thousand year ago army was destroyed the same way so precedence. By which I'm saying, guard that freaking cup.

Also, with a title like that, I REALLY would have liked to see Arthur do more. He basically disappeared during the first act. Yes, the round table scene was great, as was the knighting scene but on the whole, he was more a side character and I had expected better.

Which brings me to Merlin who is a great and engaging character and as far as I know popular in fandom so what the hell is it with the epic pimpage? He is a powerful magic user, he is a dragon lord and now he wields Excalibur like a swordsman. Come on, even the Merlin of legend wasn't everything rolled into one. And while I felt for his plight to Gilli in 3.11, there IS actually a shitload of acknowledgment for Merlin. He gets regularly told how the future of Albion rests on him. A burden? Possibly. But also a big "you are special". The Druids, the dragon, Gaius, Fisher King, Freya, Gwaine, now Lancelot - they all tell him how great he is so he is hardly unappreciated by all.

I just react badly when shows do this with characters. And currently, it is one of my hot button issues like nobody's buisness.

If it's Arthur's full appreciation he wants, well, at this point, open your bloody mouth and tell him. I'm so, so, SO sick of that stupid secret. I had hoped it would come out here and nothing. Not even Morgause - who is now deader than a doornail found out about Merlin. It's ridiculous. And again, with Arthur, Merlin insinsts on "not yet, bla bla" so deal with the fucking consequences of not getting praised then for who you really are. This constant lying in your face, making up dumb excuses and everything starts to remind me of Clark doing the same to Lex on SV and I felt Lex had an epic point on how a friend doesn't lie to your face for YEARS on end, playing you for a fool. At some point, you take the plunge.

So, to repeat, I HATE that bloody secret with a bloody passion and I wanna smack Merlin with a frying pan for continue to keeping it. Argh.

That said, if the sword in the stone means Arthur gets to retrieve it and properly wield it, fine. Because Excalibur is not Merlin's sword for God's sakes. It's King Arthur's sword. I know the series took a lot of freedom with the legends but there are certain parts of them you don't fucking rape. Han shot first and all.

I won't even bother to go into Morgana's character development anymore for in the year she was away, it seemed to have veered into batshit insane. In the "firing squad" scene, I know what was gonna happen since the promo pretty much all but gave it away. It led to a great scene with Uther, though. In a way, she is most truly his daughter. They have reacted with ultra-violent vengeance to wrong that happened to them, perceived or otherwise. Only difference? Uther did keep his ability to care for some people, Arthur, Morgana herself etc. I was even surprised Evol!Morgana seemed so stricken by Morgause' death, she appeared that cold in general.

Sir Leon got a bigger role. Always appreciated.

Percival, the little we saw of him, looked good. Though I feel robbed of an "introductory" episode for him named "Percival".

And for all my complaints, Arthur and Merlin had a few lovely scenes together. I like their interaction when it's banter-y yet with warm and affectionate undertones. They didn't really manage that a lot this Season but with the last batch of episodes, they have. And without the fangirling part a lot of others show towards Merlin who know his secret, their banter is more honest, I guess.

Gwen? She wasn't bad here but if she tells Arthur what a great king she thinks he will be one more time, I will kill myself. With Excalibur. I will get it from the stone and throw myself on it, I swear.

All in all, it was far from as much of a game changer as I thought. I had expected either Uther or Gaius (possibly both) to bite it and go in a fresh direction. Which is nothing against the actors but I have grown increasingly weary of Gaius as it is.

Hm, I hope next Season is a bit bolder, allows Arthur especially to grow a bit more into his own and most especially reveals that secret once and for all. And not in the last episode. Argh.


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Dec. 7th, 2010 08:30 am (UTC)
All valid points there. Thus said I did love the episode and I found it great. But yes, your points still stand I guess they just don't bother me that much. I am probably easy :)

I do hope that in season 4 Arthur will find out about Merlin and I am hopful that it will happen because by the end of this season they did push a few things. I was already worried that Morgana would keep being sneaky and no one would know and that is finally out in the open.

Arthur did come into himself more and I am hoping that Uther won't come fully back and Arthur will take a more active role. I does look like it.

So here is to hoping! :)
Dec. 14th, 2010 11:17 pm (UTC)
Arthur did come into himself more and I am hoping that Uther won't come fully back and Arthur will take a more active role. I does look like it.

I join you in that hope. Being a bit more proactive would certainly be a good thing.
Dec. 14th, 2010 05:05 pm (UTC)
Arthur is not ready to leran merlin secret. Since he nearlyh kill his father arthur had hated magic and then evil sorcerer attacking camelot and all must have deepen the hatred. If Merlin tell Arthur now, with Arthur temper, pride and hatred toward magic it will damage the relationship between them. Have the future of a kingdom in your shoulder is special. You don't know how hard merlin rensponsibility is. What's so special about having the whole camelot safety in your hand, having to save arthur life on countless of time not to mention arthur really show any appreciation and throw things at him, then you have to do Gaius chores, and have to worry about not revealing your secret or get executed. Did any of this sound special. It's Arthur appreciation Merlin really want. Look at the Cornelius Sigan episode how sad Merlin was at Arthur replacing him saying that everything he did is for Arthur and Arthur just ditch him'
Dec. 14th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
You don't know how hard merlin rensponsibility is.

I don't say he doesn't have a lot of responsibilities but he does get kudos as well. Gwaine and Lancelot both expressed their admiration for him. Gaius often does as well. And magical beings like the Fisher King or the Dragon tell him the same.

having to save arthur life on countless of time

Even in a child's show that is something that has gone overboard IMO. I want to see magic and human strength work together, not have Merlin do absolutely everything while everybody else stands around looking like a fool. If Arthur can't win one measly fight or think his way out of one situation without Merlin doing a spell, he doesn't look very impressive to me. Even it out a bit more is all I say.

And don't overburden Merlin's character with can-do-everything-writing, he doesn't need it. Magic, dragon-lording and now sword-fighting with Excalibur. Again, I like partnerships where others bring something else to the table that Merlin doesn't actually have.

As for the relationship between Arthur and Merlin, at some point, the constant lying will damage it more than anything else could ever do. Especially if the secret comes out before Merlin has a chance to tell. People can often forgive certain actions more than being lied to about it. At least that is how it is with me.
Dec. 15th, 2010 02:04 am (UTC)
yOU're right but Merlin have no choice but to lie because Merlin really knew arthur and he know arthur can't accept it yet. he will either banish or executed Merlin then what would happen. Without Merlin Arthur and Camelot is in danger. Arthur will be really piss off when he knew and their relationship will be strain but i think Arthur will understand why merlin did it. The dragon said that 'No half can truly hate the one that make it whole'. Meaning Arthur can't really hate Merlin.

Merlin need to be able to do everything magic since he is the only sorceror that has to defend everybody. beside in the legend Merlin is all powerful. Beside Merlin powers are so cool! Swordfighting is cool too! In the legend Merlin was King Arthur teacher so it make sense he is also good with sword. But even with his power, merlin still struggle to save the day because they enemies are great, I think that's what important.

I think merlin is happy people admire him but it's really arthur opinion that really count to Merlin. Even if Arthur don't know about merlin magic, he had seen Merlin loyalty to plunge into danger for him and he still treat him poorly and rarely thank him. Merlin wanted Arthur approval.

Dec. 15th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)
Merlin need to be able to do everything magic since he is the only sorceror that has to defend everybody. beside in the legend Merlin is all powerful.

In the legend, Arthur doesn't look like an idiot who can't tie his own shoes if not for Merlin's help. He is legendary in his own right. Neither takes away from the other, that is what I want to see.

As for Merlin being Arthur's teacher, yes in the legends he is but they have deviated from that by making them the same age so that standard no longer applies.

It annoys me when characters can do absolutely everything because it makes everyone around them totally superflouus. For me an equal partnership of skills is simply a lot more enjoyable.
Dec. 15th, 2010 01:29 pm (UTC)
In the legend King Arthur is a great warrior and leader which we can see in arthur. The only think that make arthur look like an idiot is his obliviousness to merlin magic and morgana evil plot like in Queen of heart.

Merlin learn swordfighting from the best(Arthur) and had been in many life and death battle so of course he would become good especially when he really serious about it like The Coming Of Arthur.

Arthur is a normal human being how strong can he be. Arthur strength in in his leadership and knight skill. He is the great King and merlin is the strongest sorcerer ever is so he has to be extremely powerful. Beside all the other beside gaius are ordinary people and the enemies are often magical so if merlin wasn't all powerful, they will all die
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