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The White Room...

I admit I'm not really on the up and up of interior decorating but today I went looking for some new bedroom furniture - the one I'm using now belonged to my grandparents so while I haven't slept in it all my life, I have known it all my life - and a good two thirds of everything they had in the store was white. Is that a new trend colour? Because if so, I'm screwed since I HATE white furniture. Especially for a bedroom, it's supposed to be a relaxing environment, not make me feel like I checked in to get an appendicitis. Urgh.

The rest of it was "natural" colours, depending on which type of they wood/timber they used. Now that, I like but I've already done my living room in that style so I wanted something new for the bedroom. Eh, the only thing that did catch my eye was something black and gold. Which also does look somewhat pompous and heavy, bit like the penthouse suite of a vampire. *g*

Also, I'd have no idea which colour to paint the walls and what carpet to get to go with it. It gets points for not featuring the colour white anywhere, though. :)