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Sep. 19th, 2010

So, since I was too tired yesterday, quick thoughts on

The epicness continues, this time with their very own version of Helm's Deep. Though there was really potential for more there - and I don't necessarily mean more extras/fight scenes etc, I'm astonished what they did with the undoubtedly tiny budget they have - I mean showing Arthur as a skilled tactician. I loved how he took control and began to organize things but the battle was basically mano-a-mano. Where were the archers on the walls? Where was the boiling oil? Cenred's army looked to outnumber them greately and I would have loved to see a few "battle tricks".

I guess it's probaby because it's a little family show after all but it's stuff like that I would love to see for the future King Arthur.

That said, lovely scene between Merlin and Arthur there. I love it when they are being deep and introspective with each other like that, gives a nice foreshadowing to the days when Merlin will be royal council or whatever they are gonna call it. And then of course they go right back to their snarking at each other.

Which btw, lovely "married couple" scene when Merlin finds Arthur's chambers a mess. And Merlin taking care of the food. But pickled eggs? Ew.

Also, more and more I think Merlin can't handle being "overlooked". When he told Arhur that he would be there protecting him, Arthur's response being a mixture between "what the fuck?" and "help me now" was to be expected but Merlin really, really wants some fucking credit now, I guess.

Ironic how that went to Morgana. And let me tell you, I'm not too fond of the idea of Morgana staying in Camelot as an inside spy. I had figured at the end of this two parter, she'd be revealed and rejoin Morgause outside the city walls. Now we'll get episode after episode of her smirking evilly, plotting from the inside and Merlin and her doing this ludicrous dance of "I know but can't tell". Which, btw, I kinda know why Merlin can't tell, Uther wouldn't believe him ever, Arthur is a very big question mark. But Morgana could easily tell Uther what Merlin did.

Eh, I don't like "spy within" stories.

And while it was nice to try and get into Morgana's motives a bit more, this was it? "I hate Uther because a being like me can't live in freedom under his reign"? Granted, that makes ample sense if you plan to get rid of Uther. But Merlin pointed out women and children would die and Morgana's response was "good". What, does she think THEY will murder her in her sleep for being magical? That Arthur would? Or Gwen?

I love villains who are a bit conflicted, who have/had some emotional ties to the hero(es) that creates such a conflict for them. And Morgana would have been a perfect choice for such a villain, seeing as she truly was a good person once and clearly loved people like Gwen, Arthur, Gaius, maybe even Uther and was at least friendshipp-y to Merlin. Now it's muhahaha evil with maybe a single look of regret when she said "there is no other way".

I liked Nimueh okay and I like Morgause but I felt the Morgana character would have been better served than to end up "evol cauldron-stirring high priestess number 313".

Oh, and there was a bit of Gwen/Arthur, right? I didn't mind it so much but basically Gwen is just a loop tape of telling Arthur she has faith in him. And whenever it gets personal, like with "I trust no man more than you", I kinda wanna scream "what about Lancelot"? I know it's the legend but knowing Arthur is basically the consolation prize sours their "budding romance" quite a bit.

Next week, a goblin wreaks havoc. Hm, please go easy on the slapstick. Especially with Arthur, I hate slapstick!Arthur.


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Sep. 19th, 2010 10:10 am (UTC)
i just hope that there wont be an episode where morgana frames merlin as the spy. i cant stand story lines like this, so this is me hoping that i wont happen! :)
Sep. 19th, 2010 03:03 pm (UTC)
Sep. 20th, 2010 10:41 am (UTC)
I think that Morgana problem was because of S2 when they ignored her and her part of the story. i think if they'd be more consistent in S2 S3 wouldn't have such problems. but i like the start os the season nonetheless. And i'm not sure revealing Morgana as evil in 2nd ep would be a good way to go. I mean, ueah, she'll be there smirking evily but at least trhere'll be a conflict between her and Merlin and i like their interaction. Making her openly evil will ruin that conflict and there'll be no place for that interaction.
Other than that i agree with your post.
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