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Yesterday, I stumbled over the last Star Trek movie on TV, and it got me wondering about the sequel - I mean, with the financial success, there being a sequel was a given, right?

So, now my google-fu revealed they might be starting to shoot early next year and release it summer 2012. This makes me equal parts "woohoo" and "hm". The woohoo because I pretty much loved the movie (there were times I expected my limp and beaten body to be dragged away from an airplane screen if I put it on again :D ).
But this is also where the "hm" comes in. Before the movie, I wasn't a fan of J.J.Abrams (wouldn't call myself one now either but I'm more positive towards the guy these days, liking Fringe may help, too) and the one trailer I saw for it weirded me out. The blond kid in the car? WTF? I can live with that scene now, I know what it is meant to do but it is the one thing in the movie I pretty much ff through. So, to say my expectations were small is an understatement. Now, they are the very opposite. So, please don't suck, movie. If the world does end in 2012, it might be nice to go out seeing a good movie. *g*