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And a (belated) parting salute to...

I'm using my downtime to marathon most of the second Season of Legend of the Seeker and it's really a damn shame this show was cancelled.

After REALLY disliking the Pilot, it took me a while to give the show another chance but I came to enjoy Season 1 later on. However, Season 2 has even stepped it up in quality so of course it had to be cancelled while other stuff goes on
and on and on. :(

Sure, it's "just" a fantasy show but at least I feel they have some fresh concepts. I mean, BDSM might not be new but the way they brought it into the show (or the books) is IMO. And it has effing GREAT female characters. Two of them. Who neither look incabable nor do the male heroes have to be made incapable to make them more awesome.

Kahlan and Cara can even bond without detracting from the love Kahlan and Richard share or the loyalty Cara feels for Richard or the slightly annoyed bickering Cara has with Zedd or the affection Kahlan and Zedd have for each other or the familial bond Richard and Zedd have. Everybody gets to have somewhat a relationship with everybody else.

And lo and behold, even though Richard (arguably the title hero but I think they are more of a team, right now Kahlan is even the prophecized one) is the only one without magical powers - Cara can repel them so I'd say she has them, too - he never looks lesser in the company of a Wizard, a Confessor and a Mord Sith.

I love the gorgeous outdoor shots, the fights are reasonably well choreographed and I like the bad guys as well. Though it is somewhat giggle-worthy when Darken, clad in his purple robe, flounces in to personally welcome every new soul in the hardcore-writhing-in-the-nude-underworld.

Sniffle, it's just so unfair.