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Drat. I ordered a new wall unit as well as a couch, TV chair and table for my living room last week since my old furniture is only kept together by force of habit. And ever since I ordered, I've been all revved and ready to install and fill the new wall unit with all my books and DVDs, I even keep making plans in my mind where I'll put what. The mere thought makes my little OCD-heart go pitter-patter with glee.

And if you think that's freaky, I also love packing suitcases. :D

Unfortunately, everything will take 8 to 12 weeks to be delivered. *makes grabby hands* I can hold out on the couch pretty easily, even though my old one keeps biting me (loose spring poking me whenever I slide in a certain spot). But, shelves and shelves to fill... Not that I expect there to be room to spare when I'm done. While I do plan on throwing a few things out, space-wise, it won't be much different to my old ones, just a different arrangement. Though that alone could solve a couple of current shelving problems I'm having.

Of course before all that I'll need new carpeting - the old one bears proud scars from our dear Rolli. And walls will need repainting as well. Behind my couch you can see a phantom shape of basically me, embedded in the wall. Ahem.

Sigh, so much to do. At least the long delivery date gives me a bit more time to save up on the money for the whole project.

The one thing, though, I'll be really missing from my old wall unit? A build-in little safe. I used to think that was so cool when I was little. And yup, that should tell you how old that thing is. And a hand-me-down to boot. :)

In other news, starting on Friday, I'm off work for two glorious weeks. Hooray. Still have a ton to get done tomorrow, of course. Expect to actually get done maybe half. At least I nearly worked my way through all the court-related documents today. Yuck.

The Social Court that has jurisdiction in our area is the buisiest in all.of.Germany. And it damn well shows. The judges are getting grumpier by the second. Today I got a court order, or better saying a "reminder" to follow said court order in three weeks, threatening an official complaint if we wouldn't comply. The complaint would probably go against our whole department but since it's my assigned case, it would ultimately fall on me. Yippie. And of course they had to send this via our big boss' office so she saw it before it landed on my desk. Double Yippie.

Nevermind the fact that I explained that we needed time to comply and asked for overtime. Oh well, I send in a 50 pages! notice (normally they are around 5-10) in, containing three of the five months they wanted us to basically "re-do". I have asked my colleague to send in the "other half" when it's done.

Now, I actually like my work. I don't mind it containing a lot of number crunching - in fact, that is easy compared to the "wonky" cases, I don't even (half)-mind having to read through huge stacks of files to solve basically one case. But I hate, hate, HATE the lawsuits. Which is deeply ironic considering I studied law but damn, do I not wanna handle any stuff related to the court-side of things. Sigh.



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Jul. 21st, 2010 07:15 pm (UTC)
And if you think that's freaky, I also love packing suitcases. :D

OK. *backs away a little*

*throws salt at you*
Jul. 21st, 2010 08:38 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Work can be awful place but 2 weeks off! I envy you!
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