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Call me Dan Shakespeare...

You know that current writing meme that goes around? Where your writing is analyzed and likened to a famous writer? I was curious and did it afew times, submitting a few paragraphs from various fics I have written, and, lo and behold, I got a different result every single time. And more, different parts of the same stories also yielded different results. Teehee. Either I'm extremely versatile or extremely schizophrenic. :)

If anybody is interested:
- Horsemen is Shakespeare
- Grapes is P.G. Wodehouse? (parts of it are also Dan Brown)
- Family Affairs is also Dan Brown
- Regaining Sense is David Foster Wallace? (parts all also William Shakespeare)
- my short story "Special" of Merlin apparently is an unholy bastard child between Raymond Chandler and J.K.Rowling! (Muhahahaha)

Now, if I were to analyze those results, I'd come to the conclusion that deep down I'm a Renaissance era bard looking to unveil the mysteries of secret organizations, somehow entangled with the Catholic Church, in a paranoid fashion.

I...can live with that. *g*