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I won't be posting SPN ep reviews for the foreseeable future, not because I particularly disliked the episodes - in fact, I did really like them - but because currently I KNOW that if I engaged in posting and reading discussion/reviewing/meta, it would spoil my enjoyment of the show.

I know what the current sentiment is and whatever, I will say one short thing: I have a favourite character on the show (it's not hard to make out who by reading my lj) and I'm perfectly FINE with him right now so if you're not, don't tell me, mkay? By which I mean, don't tell me here, I know perfectly well how to skip posts in other ljs.

And this is not a thing about me not being able to handle criticism of a fictional character - I have liked both the clear favourites and the hated-by-all-but-three-people characters in shows, so, really my like/dislike doesn't hinge on majority vote - I just don't want to right now.

Totally have the near-end-of-vacation-blues atm and I really need fandom to be pure fun right now so possibly reading some fic, possible even writing some fic and ignoring everything else. :-D


Apr. 9th, 2010 07:11 pm (UTC)
Well, the quality of the episodes has been picking up, not that I think Season 5 will end up as one of my favourites or anything but the show itself is better right now.

And while I don't particularly like the storyline for Dean atm, I still love the character so definitely need to remove myself somewhat.

Oh, and he is looking mightily fine. But then, doesn't he always? *licks lips*