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Gah, you are the Federal Labour Agency, you are supposed to have some inkling of labour law. *headdesk*

In October they offered up a job position at my work-place, you know in-house. It is the same position I'm already in, just on a permanent basis instead of for a limited period. I (and my other colleagues) applied, there was a round of interviews with us all and one of my colleagues got it. So far, so good - well, so okay since I didn't get it.

Now, they have offered up another permanent position (again same job I'm doing already). And since they told us over and over and over and over again nothing matters but the job interview, how you present yourself there. Your work? Your investment in the job? Nobody cares in terms of those permanent jobs. It's those twenty interview minutes that do count. So the advice was: sell yourself.

Which I was all pumped and ready to do after applying for the new position. However, while one of my other colleagues got HIS invite for the interview, I got...nothing. (So did other colleagues, or didn't as the case may be). Finally, after asking, I was informed that I wouldn't get to DO an interview, they would just take their notes from the one I did in October. And all they can take is notes because the person doing it back then is NOT the one deciding about the job now. Of course, they will also not tell me the content of those notes, how I did or my fucking spot in the ranking formed after said interview in October. So, basically, I could be in eleventh place and if ranks two to ten have re-applied now for this second position? I'm already out. Correction, I have been out before I was ever in.

Why did my colleague get in interview then? He didn't apply for the position in October but applied for another one (in-house) recently. Of course, they could never take THAT interview into consideration because it was a different position (that of our boss to be exact).

So, to sum it up, I was graciously offered to apply for a permanent position but not to participate in the one deciding criteria they have stressed. Sounds peachy, right?

Well, work-place, we shall let the Labour Courts decide on that, shall we? *headdesks again*

To add to that recently little arguments to outright power struggles have begun in our team. Now, we still get along well enough as a whole but some stuff, I really do find petty. If I'm asking someone to go to court for me and present four or five of MY cases there AND I give them the casefiles "clean", that is without any pre-preparation on my part which means they will have to spend a couple days prepping themselves for so many cases, I don't think it's unseemly for them to expect ME to do one or two of their appeal cases in return. But nope, when we discussed it today it was a lot of "why? reaaaaaaally? I'm sure it will even out sometime on its own".



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Mar. 11th, 2010 05:14 am (UTC)
Wer klagt denn? Du? Ihr alle? Jemand anders?
Mar. 11th, 2010 05:13 pm (UTC)
Bei uns in der Abteilung betrifft es jetzt nur meine Kollegin und mich, darum haben wir Antrag auf einstweiligen Rechtsschutz gestellt, um erstmal das Auswahlverfahren zu stoppen bis alles geklärt ist.

Ob aus anderen Diensstellen/Abteilungen jetzt andere Bewerber klagen weiß ich nicht. Ich wüßte auch gar nicht wer es ist, nur dass bei dem ursprünglichen Auswahlverfahren 18 Bewerber waren. Eine hat's gekriegt also könnten sich jetzt 17 Leute auf die neue Stelle beworben haben, die dann alle vor dem gleichen Problem stehen. Ob die das jetzt so hinnehmen, keine Ahnung. Ich hatte jetzt einfach mal den Rand voll. Und meine Kollegin, die grad im 5.Jahr befristet ist, erst recht. :/
( 2 have dazzled me — Dazzle me )